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Ukraine War: Is Putin planning to expand his war?

Tobias Ellwood MP says he fears Russian President Vladimir Putin “wants to expand the war” and could target energy supplies coming to the UK.

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41 Commenti

  1. Looks like most of the missiles are still hitting homes and hospitals (and killing civilians). President Biden: We need to give Russia an ultimatum on these barrages of missiles they are sending into Ukraine. We will send a long-range missile to Ukraine for use against Russia for each missile that Russia fires at Ukraine. Same deal with long range drones. This is totally fair for both sides. Ukraine may use these missiles for whatever targets they like within Russia or Ukraine. Fair is fair. Russia is breaking international law in a thousand ways. We cannot stand by and let this continue. If we send Ukraine missiles it will accomplish 3 things: [1] Russia may stop sending missiles into Ukraine [2] Russian civilians will see that this can happen to them too (more pressure against Putin) [3] Russia will use up lots of S-300 & S-400 missiles defending their airspace and will have less missiles to convert to a ground to ground function for use against Ukraine.

  2. lnstead of-trying-to predict and 'prognosticate' whether or not we’re going into a recession and precisely when it’s going to happen, a better strategy is simply having a portfolio that’s well prepared for any eventually, that’s how some folks' been averaging 150K every 7week these past 4months according to Bloomberg.

  3. Help Ukraine to negotiate , because they have only few months they will be surrounded and their fighters will surrender the Russian are moving the forces and surrounding Ukraine , township

  4. People always talk about the inevitable rise and dominance of China but why doesn't anyone consider the fact that China is going to fall apart at one point. Much like the Soviet Union did. All dictatorships and all forced unities do. China is not one country, it's a forced entity of many regions, religions and cultures. It WILL implode one day probably not too distant from now.

  5. This is correct…we have to fight off russia stragitacily & quickly ….The plannet is affected & the entire people is suffering starving & suffering & global trade & price of food & basic increases…& all the rest of the world just watches …NATO & the rest of europe needs to act now …

  6. NATO and Western media are desperately using lies to distort what's actually happening between the warring parties.

    The Russian president pleaded with NATO not to expand towards its borders. But the US sturbonly ignored such plea and advised Ukraine to join NATO.

    This was after they overthrown a democratic elected president but he was linked to Moscow. Today the Western media are using fear to rally people being Ukraine. They are warning everyone that Russia wants to expand its war.

  7. I’d love to know how countries are getting energy from China? China doesn’t produce its own energy or oil and buys it in from Iran. Hence their expansion into the China sea as this is their only viable route.

  8. Tobias is no more than a puppet for arms dealers. Best we in the UK stay await from this war. Ukraine would lose if America and the West were not supplying arms. By prolonging this war UK is killing more Ukrainians and Russians. The west, America, UK, and Europe does not care about the Ukrainian people if we did UK would call on the Minsk agreement to take effect. Stopping the war and saving lives. UK should look at the history of this war. Look at the video by peace activist CODEPINK, ITS NOT PROPAGANDA BY THE RUSSIANS OR THE WEST. Dont fall for Tobias Ellwood's western arm dealers propaganda

  9. May all the mankind be civilised enough to live in harmony with every living being and the environment of the planet.
    May our merciful Lord guide them to true senses and see how wonderful the Universe is and stir them away from horrible wars and quarrels.

  10. Putin is after to push to get agreement for new world order, the more countries he can defect the more they will understand what he is saying…so watch out for anything…nukes? maybe….but there will be a respons from US and Nato on that…but maybe mr p does not care? // To start with we need to help Ukraine as much as we can right away, it will cost much more to come again later.. so say the wise!

  11. The Russians went in 'over their heads'. Thinking ('gambling') they could get a quick regime change in Ukraine – which backfired. Caught with their pants down …the Americans saw an opportunity to decapitate the Russian regime… and that's exactly what they're doing. Firstly, scare the Europeans with nonsense about an imminent threat of invasion. Secondly, give the Ukrainians just enough munitions not to lose, but not enough to win. Then wait it out… for Russia to crumble.
    A war of attrition with no US body-bags means they can spin this out for years.
    And that's exactly what they're going to do. Remember… the Democrats believe Russia helped place Trump in power… ( For the Democrats, the worst period in American history ) they don't forget a little thing like that. That's why they aren't interested in negotiating 'peace talks' anytime soon. They've convinced the Ukrainians they will lose no land and in fact, gain Crimea back – they've guaranteed this. The US know Russia can't accept any loss of territory and still 'save face'. For the United States, this ends with regime change in Russia… anything else is unacceptable to them. Even if that means a nuclear exchange, that's a risk they're willing to take with 'yours and your loved ones' lives. For them, it's a gamble worth taking. Because revenge is a poison.

    God bless America!


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