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Ukraine War: 'This is not our war' tired Russians tell Sky News, as they flee the country

Sky News’ Dominic Waghorn speaks to Russian men, including veterans, who gather to cross the Georgian border for fear of being drafted and sent to Ukraine.

Rumours have spread that people from ethnic minorities from far-flung parts of the country, including Chechnya and Dagestan, are being selected to go to battle in Ukraine.

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38 Commenti

  1. Its the people who run the american country, and the people who run the russians people's countrie's war. The rest of the people, are just order follower and slaves, who allows them to carry on, and they do that, by not creating consequences for them. Do not stay calm, do something, or keep on living like slaves, and allow others to dicatate your lives.

  2. The experts agree that Hitler died in the bomb-proof bunker. Theories that he might have survived the war persisted for a long time and still belong to the corner of legends and conspiracies. However, there are conflicting statements about how Hitler died. Did he blow his mind? Did he take poison? Or did he even do both? None of his confidants were in the room at the time. So no one can say exactly what really happened. The circumstances of death were disputed for a long time and still offer room for speculation today.

  3. Dearest Lord, please end the war in Ukraine. Return the soldiers to their families safe and sound and please let all the Russian people choose a new leader who will lead them to peace and prosperity, Amen.

  4. Why leave , get your weapons, organized and start people power revolution to overthrow the dictator in your own homeland. Fight for your rights your freedom your dignity . Defend your family, your community, your country from evil and lies.

  5. sometime in February this year, i made a comment to the people of Russia and stated how delusional they were about their president and what was and still is happening in Ukraine, in replies i was told – " It`s only Ukraine, who care about them?". 6th october 2022, Russians are fleeing their country to avoid being dragged into service, it`s a funny old world.

  6. They don't want to kill Ukrainian people (Russia was not attacked that would be a different story) the young Russians go their for holiday breaks to Ukraine they have their friends there why would they want to kill them? this is Putin's fake war, not Russians. The only person apart from the Russian President is the Russian Chechen leader and he is completely nuts about recommending using nuclear weapons when Russia is next door

  7. The USA and Western European countries, especially England and France, are the biggest robbers and murderers in world history after the 1500s. They got their wealth by robbing other peoples. They exterminated peoples and destroyed cultures so that they could rob as much as possible.
    The history books call this colonization.
    There are no more aboroginal native people in the American north.

    Among the colonizing robbers, the successor of the British, the USA, became the most inhumane and the most merciless murderous power.

    JAPAN: – The USA used atomic bombs in HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI.
    — Many hundreds of thousands of civil people died and many, millions became ill from radiation contamination for the rest of their lives.
    USA bombers dropped 1,665 tons of napalm bombs over Tokyo. During the night, close to 100,000 Japanese civilians were killed. From March to August 1945, the Americans carried out similar air raids over 60 Japanese cities.

    VIETNAM: — 2 million people were killed in the Vietnam War (as well as in Cambodia and Laos). The napalm bomb was also used in Vietnam. The US military has sprayed Vietnam with at least 70 million liters war poison called Agent Orange. Since then, even the third and fourth generations of Vietnamese could not escape the terrible aftereffects. Many were born deformed and many became ill throughout their lives.

    IRAQ: — 75,000 tons of bombs were used in the Desert Storm attack.
    The United States and England killed about 500,000 people. Of these, 200,000 civilians were killed.
    The series of horrors can be continued without end…

    Not a single politician or soldier has been held accountable for crimes against humanity committed by the US and its allies. This was also supported by Western European countries, as they are also the beneficiaries of this horror….

    The murderers go unpunished while the innocent are prosecuted for war crimes.
    Where robbers define the laws, even the dirtiest robbery and human rights violations are "legal" and internationally accepted.

  8. Now the best option for Putin is to nuke Kyiv. Henceforth, it would be the second country to use nukes setting an excellent precedence for North Korea to be the 3rd such country. Joe Biden and NATO have put in tremendous efforts in this direction. Now is the time to taste the fruits of NATO's contributions to world peace.

  9. So the military is going to field 300,000 marginally trained soldiers with few military skills. Are they thinking of throwing these men into mass charges. It’s not WW2. They’ll be slaughtered.

  10. Surely he realises by now he has made a terrible mistake of invading? Forcing people into war that don't want to fight and have no training, all the time while torturing and imprisoning anyone who disagrees with him cannot have a good outcome. My fear is now he has nothing to lose, he's already using banned bombs against the people of Ukraine. What next?

    The Russian idiot dictator is the only one in history doing a worse job than our Prime Ministers in the UK and that is something!

  11. I wonder if Putin will resort to drafting women if all the men are fleeing…with the very "unique" way Putin's mind works…perhaps draft in his daughters to be canon fodders to set an example?


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