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Ukraine War: the soldiers fighting Russia from beneath the trees

Sky’s John Sparks goes underground with a group of Ukrainian soldiers who are coming under attack 24 hours a day in a village just outside the city of Bakhmut.

#skynews #ukraine #russia

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23 Commenti

  1. Одне я точно знаю, якщо я зустріну ще одного українця в своєму житті, я буду ставитися до нього з найбільшою повагою, які люди!

  2. TraducirEnInglesUkcranniaReinoUnidozQueQueVivaBorisJhonsonQueSeaVendecidoEsUnBuenCamcillerVivaBoriJhonsonYGraciadsATofdaEUROPAPorSerTODOSRespenctusosConLosDerechosHumanosYApollarLaDemocraciaVendicionesATodosYAElPresidenteDeEdtadodsUnidosYQueVivaLaDemocraciaYLibertadGloruyToUkcraniezJUSTICIAyLibertad

  3. I think a good thing would be for Zelensky to use Russian POW's to repair destroyed infrastructure. Unless it is. against the . Geneva Convention. But. I am sure this suggestion. if good, will not go fur5her than here.

  4. Россия сегодня представляет собой самую большую угрозу для европейских стран. НАТО не вторгается в страны… Российская армия… вторгается, ворует, убивает.

  5. 50,100 dead Russian solider/mercenaries DAILY he claimed? (not 50,000 but 50,100!) and all we get is a blurred 3-second recording of what can be counted as 2 or 3 bodies and the contents of a backpack that looks like my fishing backpack if I were to dump its contents? To say that the constant narrative vs. constant imagery doesn't add up is an understatement.


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