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Ukraine War: News blackout means 'something big is going on'

Sky’s Military Analyst, Professor Michael Clarke looks at how Russia is deploying swarms of drones to attack Ukrainian cities.

The drones are cheap to make – just $20,000 each compared to $300,000 per missile.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has imposed a news blackout in the south of the country amid an ongoing military operation.

All the latest from the war in Ukraine:

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24 Commenti

  1. Dali ste svesni nato ustase davam sevraca sve istom mjerom kao stoste vi napali srbiju i srbski narod i pocijepali jugoslaviju britanija i amerika dobijaju iste uslove kako su oni primjenili na druge drzave irska skotska po modelu slovenije i hrvatske britanci viste otpisani i evropa of strane bajdena vito nevidite duboka drzava vas je otpisala dabi sebe spasili ameri

  2. Wishful thinking analysis.Fake news not telling the audiences what the status is,that the US has lost this war with Russia.What the US is best at in the world is soft propaganda,Hollywood films e.g.007;TV shows e.g. Six Million Dollar Man,007,CNN,Fox News…etc

  3. This war is getting boring,, no atomic bomb, no carpet bombming, no brutal hand to hand combat.. i mean i expect a battle much more brutal than worl war 2 ….now im just waiting for some one to use nuke just to make this war interesting

  4. Let me get this straight lol our president stole our hard-earned taxpayers money. To help a country that has had decades to prepare/better itself economically and militarily. Now us Americans with food crisis and energy crisis happening we Must fund a war that is supposed to stop Russia? This president gives our money to a country that is never wanted to better itself and tell it's about to lose itself? If Russia is going to invade a NATO country. Then there was no reason to ever support Ukraine anyways. This earth needs to get rid of us parasites before it's too late though I feel it already is

  5. i have to say am no really intrested in miltary stuff but i do listen and understand when its Michael hes awesome great to hear a guy that really knows his subject and explains so well he is so engaging even funny lets have more of him please


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