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‘States went down that path’: Scott Morrison says his govt didn’t support broad vaccine mandates

Former prime minister Scott Morrison maintains neither his government nor the expert medical panel – the AHPPC – supported widescale vaccine mandates.

“I don’t regret the need to have a country vaccinated – that was incredibly important and it was really hard, it was very challenging,” Mr Morrison said in an exclusive interview with Sky News host Sharri Markson.

“But when it comes to the mandates, other than as I said in those cases of medically sensitive, publicly facing occupations in aged care and so on, the federal government did not support any other mandate at all.

“I can also say this that the expert medical panel … that guided and advised throughout the pandemic, they never agreed to widescale vaccine mandates, not once, other than for aged care and for sensitive publicly facing medical roles, they did not recommend, collectively, mandates.”



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  1. Morrison is an evil corrupt scumbag who quietly pushed the states to be the bad guys, hoping it wouldn't blow back on him. He was behind it all after his trip OS to meet with the G7 leaders, where he got his orders. Why were the federal cabinet meetings always secret? Because Australia's most corrupt politicians were planning how best to achieve full and forever ongoing vaccinations as ordered by the globalists who really run our political parties, and they knew that their plotting would be their downfall if exposed. These people are the worst of humanity. We should be building prisons for them, not paying them big wages and pensions. Every policy decision they took has been proven by real experts and data to have been wrong. Incompetence cannot account for that many mistakes. Only corruption can account for that. He sold the health and freedoms of Australians out to the globalists and pharma companies.

  2. Scomo, you created a National Cabinet which was a quasi-federal-government – it became the body governing our nation, totally subverting the duly elected Federal Representatives of this nation, some of whom vehemently and vocally objected to this subversion of our political system, and in doing so, you totally delegated your Federal responsibilities to the States – the premiers effectively ran the country for 2 whole years, destroyed countless lives and livelihoods with their mandates, which you tacitly approved of and Federally funded, and some of these mandates are ongoing in the health sector (we have a national nurse shortage due to about 30,000 clinicians still unable to attend their workplace simply because they are still refusing the c19 Gene Therapy), AND YOU LET THEM do it!!!!! And NOW you come out and say you had no control over that? That there was nothing you could have done about that? Shame, shame on you! Those mandates have devastated our employment base and our economy, are still wreaking havoc in the public service sector, and you let it happen on your watch. You were the Prime Minister, Mr Morrison, the buck stopped with you. That was absolutely your responsibility, and now you're trying to wash your hands of it all, saying 'never did I delegate my responsibility to a public servant….'. what the heck are premiers if not the public servants at the top of the food chain for each state? Yes, you absolutely delegated your responsibility to the states, to public servants – you created the National Cabinet that gave the premiers that power, you created Chairman Dan Andrews and allowed him to use the police to repeatedly brutalise unarmed Australian Citizens who tried to raise concerns over all the FACTS that are now coming to light…………and now you pretend like it was all out of your hands. Just like Robodebt……I worked inside FedGov during that disaster, trying to help people – the poorest of the poor already in most cases – many of whom were suicidal after being hounded by your lackeys for money they did not owe. Shame on you, Scomo, I cannot say it enough. (and yes dear reader, I have written to Scomo dozens of times on all these issues over the last 3 years, I say nothing here I haven't said privately already to him).

  3. We need justice, he didn't do a thing, sitting on the bench as the federal leader is not an excuse, he signed us out to phyzer, even India refused phyzer. We have not moved on, we will never forgive until there is a royal commission into this behaviour

  4. In case anyones been under a rock look at both parties throughout covid and with the climate scam.. The 2PP system is the problem, it’s really not much different than China, except u have 2 instead of one with the illusion of difference. They are both playing for the same side that should be pretty obvious by now.

  5. If Australians saw the contracts between pharma and government they would be horrified. Well, most. No liability, experimental, no guarantee of efficacy, no other product natural or pharmaceutical can be used as alternative, cannot get out of contract, government must NOT speak negatively about any vaccines or face severe consequences…Was leaked by undercover Albanian journo in Albania before he was shut up, disappeared.

  6. He’s happy because he got away with it, and had no agenda of substance at all while in the job. The bitterness comes from not completing a task or a reform, a job left undone. Scomo didn’t do anything

  7. States went down that path because you knew couldn't get this through the Commonwealth Constitution so to bypass it was put through State and Territory Constitutions.
    Release the secret National Cabinet documents instead of concealing under the guise of National Security the 64-million-dollar stakeholder interest roll Kassam V Hazzard Kristine Macartney cross examination.
    It is time for transparency the suffering inflicted on the Australian people and the economy can no longer tolerate buck passing concealment and lies from those both sides who are supposed to represent us not stand over us.
    Release the National Cabinet documents for vaccine roll national plan unredacted.

  8. Absolute nonsense we know this is a lie from his illegal national cabinet, collusion, lockdown funding & allowing illegal abolition of human rights. This man is a criminal of the worst kind and should be in prison with rapists. Since he raped the country.

  9. People do NOT BUY METHANE GAS that is killing them off Scott Morrison and they should NOT blame him for the deaths

    don't want to lose their supply so they keep their mouth shut but someone has to be blamed

  10. If premieres can do something about the mandates, why didn’t he do something to stop the mandates and lockdowns that have ruined our economy, people’s livelihoods not to mention the vaccine harms. One would think that as the PM he had more power than a mere premiere.

  11. So he knew this but stood idly by, doing and saying nothing, as state premiers all over the country trampled on people’s freedoms and coerced them into an unwanted medical procedure. And this clown thinks that makes him look good?

  12. Federal blaming the State. State blaming commissioners in each public and private sectors. The public sector blaming ATAGI. ATAGI blaming the World Health Organisation. World Health organisation blaming the FDA…Last I checked this is Australia, not America.

  13. Scott Morrison, March 24, 2020: "…from midnight tomorrow night, all of these following activities (and they include some that I've already announced from earlier) will no longer be taking place: cafes…food courts and shopping centres…outdoor and indoor markets…beauty therapy…cinemas, nightclubs, casinos…concert venues, theatres, arenas, auditoriums, stadiums…health clubs, fitness centres…swimming pools…galleries, museums…libraries…community halls…and of course, places of worship…"
    Scott Morrison, March 2023: "Well, I never instituted one lockdown…"

  14. well scomo didnt have the guts to take on the states and he didnt have the balls to open the borders up when surely the federal government can provide some intervention even if cases go up here and there so be it but yes close international borders but keep the state borders open so we australians can still get on with life

  15. and the vaccine was rushed too and there was no vaccine compensation if someone does get a reaction with vaccine i accept vaccines work but there was some people that had a reaction with this latest vaccine we australians are great at research we shouldve developed our own vaccine or covid treatment


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