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Ukraine War: US factories ramp up weapon production

The US has increased munitions production at some sites that were previously dormant in order to meet the demands of the Ukrainian armed forces.

To give an idea of the scale required, the army in Ukraine are firing off between 4,000 and 7,000 artillery rounds every single day.

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16 Commenti

  1. Let’s identify more of critical defense subcontracting so anyone and everyone knows who and where. Since we guarantee complete safety to these plants, their suppliers, their workers, their shippers. Let’s make it easier for the bad guys and the bad guy want to bes. .

  2. Better to update and modernize these plants now instead of playing catch-up when the stakes get higher.

    Maybe they'll start taking a few tanks and aircraft out of mothballs soon also…there's a few hundred F16s and F15s just sitting in the desert waiting for flight again…

  3. Money money money….tax payer gives to government.. government gives it to Ukraine … Ukraine gives it to the arms manufacturers..they keep it. Tax payer gives it to the government.. government gives it to Ukraine… Ukraine gives it to the arms manufacturers… they keep it.. never ending loop of corruption.

  4. A big big smile & grin on the military industrial complex!
    Silently shouting the more war the better!
    I wonder when the Chinese CCP will invade Taiwan!
    War is a very very profitable business and that's a FACT!

    I just wonder

  5. “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Yamamoto after attack on Pearl Harbor.
    Russians invaded nation that is backup by a giantic war industry, yet still sleeping.


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