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Matt Hancock wanted to ‘scare the pants off everyone’: WhatsApp messages exposed

Former UK health secretary Matt Hancock has been exposed saying on WhatsApp that he wanted to ‘scare the pants off everyone’ during the COVID lockdowns.

The Sunday Times Journalist Isabel Oakeshott was the person responsible for discovering and exposing the messages, and an investigation is currently underway.

“It has, in fact, taken a team of eight investigative journalists, the best part of two months, to sift through all this stuff,” Ms Oakeshott told Sky News Australia.

“It seemed to me that there was really no other option but to put it out there.

“Can you imagine any journalist worth the name journalist that sat on material like that.

“Even though I knew that I risked being sued and that I would, of course, be accused of a breach of trust.”



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  1. With each week that passes it becomes more and more clear, our world is run by sociopaths. And there are a lot of people roaming around right now that quite frankly, should be behind bars! And thats certainly not unique to the UK.

  2. To this lady journalist, I salute you!! Total support to all truth seekers out there! About time the truth comes out… Now, heads have to roll… The time of court cases will soon begin… Everywhere and we will one day regard this as the biggest health and political scandal in human history…

  3. If Hancock wasn't exposed kissing his aide he wouldn't have been on Celebrity Get Me Outta Here, therefore a book wouldn't have been written and his messages would not have been made public… All the world is a stage. The Globalists want us upset with democracy so they can install their New World Order. Yes, it's great that these facts are coming out, but thinking about it – would they have committed such heinous crimes unless there was an end goal?… Stay human, comrades. xx

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  5. Why is everyone supporting this? Everyone is a genius in hindsight. Isabel is saying it’s not about her or Matt, however proceeds to speak on media platforms protrusively about what she has leaked..


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