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Let's Play: ShellShock 2: Blood Trails – "Ending #1" (Part 11/12)

In this part of my Shell Shock 2 Let’s Play I return to the jungle, where Whiteknight is located. So more infected for me to kill! Also you see one of the two endings, the other one is in the next video!

This is my Let’s Play of the game “Shell Shock 2: Blood Trails”. It’s a survival shooter based in the Vietnam War, where you have to find out about something called whiteknight, which involves not only the player, Nate Walker, but also his brother Cal!

The game was reviewed with pretty mediocre results, but it was always on my “Always-wanted-to-play”-list and I finally decided to get it. After playing through parts of the first three chapters, I decided I make a Let’s Play out of it! Have fun!



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  1. how the heck you could play this game with that low brightness setting??it was even hard for me to view something,in fullscreen,and i assure you,my monitor has normal brightness setting.


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