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Sky News Breakfast: 'War' in Europe as Putin begins military movements in Ukraine

Mark Austin presents Sky News Breakfast live from Kyiv on Thursday February 24.

– Russian troops begin movements across borders into Ukraine;
– Ukraine’s President tells citizens to stay at home;
– as the EU describes the “darkest hour since the end of World War II’.

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34 Commenti

  1. Fantastic interview by Mark Austin this morning on your news program with the German Ambassador about Germany's wake up call re: events in Ukraine. Yes, NATO/RUSSIAN nuclear non proliferation treaty has been torn up and therefore there should no longer be any restrictions on placing nuclear weaponry and strategic defense systems as defense of NATO countries. Putin understands only military force. Germany needs to with speed develop their military capabilities not least by committing the 2% of GDP towards this. Similarly for the rest of the NATO allies. USA needs to urgently resume their military and nuclear capabilities and their strategic defense systems. Next shift at least 500,000 NATO troops to the borders of Poland, the Baltics with Russia. No holds barred now….the gloves are off with this satanic despot and war criminal.

  2. I understand, that the sanctions will do some damage, but it kind of feels, that we – the only people who can do something – are just standing and watching how Ukrainians are getting killed by Russia. Seems like we are participating by not doing more. I think people should demand governments to do more. even if it is military aid – cause that blood is on our hands too. we are not helping someone who's drowning, but just standing by and watching.

  3. There are some who think this may be a sinister plot to divert people away from the past two years of lockdowns it would not be beyond the possibility that there is some truth in this considering what the western globalists have put the people through already. Scaring the populations sick with worry and now this. If it is true we have monsters all around us that are prepared to sacrifice people in the quest of wealth and power. They have conducted the lockstep pandemic with precision but that is clearly not enough.

  4. During the Trump presidency, Putin put bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan. Trump did nothing. Trump asked Ukraine to manufacture dirt on Brandon Biden. Zelenskyy refused to do it. Trump then held up an aid package to Ukraine in retaliation. Currently, Russian tv (aka RT news) is showing videos of T Carlson and Trump praising Putin's invasion strategy.

  5. Это из одноклассников и такого много ПРОСНИТЕСЬ Мир в опасности Не будет актуальна ЭКОЛОГИЧЕСКАЯ ПРОБЛЕМА без людей
    Я так думаю….Во всяком случае во все
    времена  если Россию заставляли воевать,
    она всегда заканчивала войны на территории

  6. anll Russia are good at is war and making vodka both are poison to human society. We literally don't need Russia. Just saying.. * I forgot about cheating at sports. They are excellent at that. Well until they got caught and banned from the Olympics. See. The morality of Russia (officials) in general is egregious.

  7. The problem is, the majority in the West
    obviously has no problem with the corporate-
    controlled US Empire's relentless empire-
    building agenda, with 800+ military
    installations in 145+ countries, so far. This
    makes it the main instigator of wars and
    terrorism worldwide. Empires never settle for
    peaceful coexistence. Empires never settle
    for anything less than total ownership and
    control of the world's natural, human and
    financial financial resources. 80% of all wars
    since WW2 have been started by the US. No
    surprise the majority are unaware of these
    facts because of 24/7 corporate-controlled
    media brainwashing.


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