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Exclusive: Inside an Islamic State Terror Weapons Lab

From a “jihadi university” in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the scientists have stunned western weapons experts by producing a homemade thermal battery for surface-to-air missiles.

It had been regarded as a virtually impossible feat for terror groups working without a military infrastructure.

But footage exclusively obtained by Sky News shows that IS can now recommission thousands of missiles assumed by western governments to have been redundant through old age.

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40 Commenti

  1. So they were already anticipating countermeasures from the get-go based on technology they know their enemy to have……. That thermal dummy technology is pretty freaking scary as a pre-emptive countermeasure before the weapons on the street.

  2. They made tesla auto pilot back in days the islamic state now is in ukrain the imam cheikh Hassan poutin is taking alqaida to new concepte they buy the franchise from muslim pirates jihadi now its Christianity wariors

  3. we are experiencing the largest human-moral difference in history and it causes so much violence. history repeating itself and a very slim few gaining off of it and not doing anything about it.


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