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TruckClaws Commercial Install and use

A video featuring the inventor of TruckClaws explaining how to use them properly. TruckClaws Commercial Kit:



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  1. Brilliant device , i could have used a couple of those some years ago , i was stuck in a 40 foot bog up to the axles out in the sticks , on the only track out of where i was , i spent six hours , digging , jacking , winching on my own with no one around for miles to give a hand .
    That was a long day 🙂 .

  2. Waiting for the videos of people putting them on then & flooring it spinning the shit out of them either breaking them off or breaking the straps & saying they don't work. Have to admit I would be curious to see how long they would hold up using them in a torture test that way though.

  3. Hello can I use this in my farm tractor our farm road is so terrible deep mud and farm tractor losses traction on the mud. I'm pulling a 2 ton farm trailer hauling my palm oil
    fruit bunches harvested from my farm. I live in Southeast Asia in Philippines particularly it's a tropical country


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