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‘Stop whining’: Piers Morgan clashes with Peter Hitchens on Ukraine-Russia war

Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan clashed with The Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens regarding the cause of the Ukraine-Russia war and how the conflict could end.

Mr Morgan questioned Mr Hitchens on how the war could end with both Russia and Ukraine refusing to give up territory.

“I would have thought the position the Ukrainians find themselves in now is very strong if they go through negotiations,” Mr Hitchens said.

“I don’t know what would take place in negotiations.”

The columnist complained to the Sky News Australia host that he was being interrupted as Mr Morgan told him to “stop whining and answer the question”.

“There has never been any suggestion from me … that Ukraine should give up territory,” Mr Hitchens said.



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  1. I, myself, would give up 10% of my countries land if in doing so would save 250,000 lives. Especially if I knew the person who planned to take my land would be successful.

  2. Easy to call for more war when your ass isnt on the line.. why didnt USA. honor the minsk agreement. Where was all this concern for human rights when pro zelensky nazis bombed the heck out of pro russian ukranian citizins for 6 yrs prior

  3. Piers is smòking pot!!!His views on the war is completely silly!
    Let the man answer the questions come down from your self rightous high horse!why invite him if u going to answer all his questions for him?!!morgan is just out of line n frankly arrogant n despicable!!!

  4. Piers Morgan is a propagandist and he contradicts himself big time when he claims in one statement that arming Ukraine has been hugely successful in resisting Russia while in another statement he reports the obvious truth that Ulraine has lost a quarter of their country. What a pos.

  5. This is what propaganda gets you nowhere but more fuel to this terrible war.. Russia must be negotiated with and a settlement found yes concede if need be the territory is Russian speaking… if not it will not end and is increasingly dangerous. Ukraine is not what the west thinks it is.

  6. Piers you so a woke person the same as when you promote your covic agenda, to tell me I am not allow to go to a shopping mall. You know nothing about Ukraine and it’s history I live in Donetsk so keep quiet if you don’t know

  7. Piers is right about this one. Unfortunatelly he loves his own voice too much and don’t leave any air to the other guy. So he kind of leaves a doubt with a lot of people because we never got to hear what the interviewees thoughts were on Putin just packing up and leave Ukraine if we just negotiated. Really bad interview.

  8. If Ukraine cedes anything hardliners there will take over and they well might go full Nazi. It might even devolve into civil war there just like what happened in Ireland.

  9. This moron Morgan doesn't have a clue that Putin did not take any land ! People voted in referendum freely to be independent from Ukraine !!!! Shut the f…k up Morgan !

  10. Screw Zelensky……Giving Ukraine long-range missiles has now put England at major risk of nuclear repercussions from Russia……And I don`t buy his calculated "man of the people" act of turning up everywhere he wants something for free dressed like a scruff,its so condescending and patronising.

  11. This is what "freedom of the press" leads to. non-professional people stand in front of a camera and in the most ridiculous way possible he thinks he'll win a debate, when it's supposed to be an interview, he asks questions he apparently already knows the answer to and gets mad because he doesn't get the answer he wanted. ,… he's a clown… I don't know why they agree to be interviewed by someone like that…


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