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Part 1: Macro Photo with a Strobe | Olympus TG-5 Best Camera Settings for Underwater Photography

In this video series we are breaking down the best settings for underwater photography with the Olympus Tough TG-5. This is part 1, where we cover macro photography when using a strobe.

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  1. One thing that is not mentioned is that the TG-5 has only two apertures f2 and f2.8 at the wide end which become f4.9 and f6.3 at the Tele end. Stopping down further brings in a 3 stop ND filter, it doesn;t get you any extra depth of field, so I'd suggest the A mode and setting your aperture so you are not throwing light away. You can do most of the same thing by taking it off auto ISO and setting it to 100-200 in P mode. The camera is quite happy to bring in the ND filter and up the ISO to 800 in P mode making noise, setting it to A mode means your images won't be as nosiy and ISO will be 3 stops lower than it otherwise would be.

  2. Is the exposure compensation really doing what you suggest?
    In my TG5, in microscope mode, when I set exposure compensation anywhere between -2.0 and +2.0 with internal flash enabled, exposure compensation does not change anything (neither how exposed is the image northe exposure time or aperture). Only with internal flash disabled, I can see how dialing exposure compensation from -2 to +2 is changing the exposure of the photo (by means of changing the exposure time). Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work with your instruction videos!

  3. Hi Robin, does the fill in option means the flash from the camera will always be at full power? and if it is, would that still be ok? because the TTL mode on my ys03 will adjust the amount of light coming out of the strobe?

  4. These are really fantastic videos, I bought my TG5 from Backscatter simply because of them! There is one really big issue though that I'd like to share about the TG5 that has really been frustrating. I use Lightroom for all my post processing and RAW files from the TG5 are not usable in Lightroom they must be processed using Olympus's own software which is horrible. I changed to use only JPG on the TG5 taking away my ability to make necessary adjustments.

  5. Hi. I would like to ask you just one thing. I have an Inon s-2000 and a TG5 macro setup like you explain in this tutorial. The question is; With these TG5 settings and Inon in S-TTL mode and power switch set to B, should the Inon mahnet be inside or outside? Thanks 😉

  6. In Micrsocope mode and max zoom out + Inon s-2000 in S-TTL mode I get the closest I can to a Nudi and shoot. The result is perfect light and focus 🙂 But when I max zoom in then photo is under exposed. How can I fixe that? Is it because tg5 changes apertur when you zoom? Should I change exposure everytime I zoom in????

  7. Hi, I did a factory default setting like you said, but my figures on the bottom of the screen differ from yours, I see – 125. F2,3 0.0 – where as yours shows 200 F3.2 0.0 – could you explain why this is please and how do I change them to be the same as yours? Many thanks

  8. Hey, good video and all but macro is how big the subject is comparative to the image sensor. A 1:1 macro means that if you have a 25mm subject being photographed on a 35mm sensor, the subject will be truly 25mm on the image sensor.

    Not trying to call you out but I don't want people being mistaken with what macro means

  9. Nice video series. It helped me the last years to make amazing pictures with only a video lamp. I want to make better pictures with a lower ISO (100 instead of 400). First I bought the M52 for more wide angle and a SEA&SEA YS-03 Solis TTL strobe. I didn't tried it yet but I think it will work :-). My question is about a second strobe. A second YS-03 isn't in my budget. I can buy a second hand SEA&SEA YS-25 DX without TTL. Can I use this strobe as a slave from the YS-03 ? Or is this wrong thinking. Or better to save money for a second YS-03.btw: What are the big difference between the YS-25 DX and YS-03 Solis beside TTL ?

  10. Hey, Robin. Thank you so much for creating this informative video. I’ve had my TG-5 for about 2 years, have always taken all the pics using the underwater mode but at some point I’d reached its capabilities and noticed my pictures didn’t change in terms the quality, and this is when I decided to experiment with more manual settings, which led me to finding this video. I’ve got a question about the flash mode. I have two dedicated Olympus UFL-3 strobes and the only TG-5’s setting they fire with is the RC (or Remote Control) one. They don’t fire with the “Fill in” or as a matter of fact any other mode. Have I missed something? Is the TTL mode active with the RC setting? Thanks in advance for your reply!


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