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Part 2: Photos with a Video Light | Olympus TG-5 Best Camera Settings for Underwater Photography

In this video series we are breaking down the best settings for underwater photography with the Olympus Tough TG-5. This is part 2, where we cover still photography when using a video light (instead of a strobe).

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  1. Great vid …Could you tell me please if the TG5 went to 18m deep without the housing would it kill it ? Or is there some Saftey margin designed into to camera and can you run a video light on the camera without the housing ?? Also how does this camera perform in general above the water for the family holiday snaps ?

  2. Hi. Great video!!!!!
    I'm about to buy a tg5 and waterhousing but first I need to know if I can adjust the iris and iso and shutter speed, and menu settings from the cage when I am in the water. Do you have acces to all parameters direct from the housing buttons?

  3. NEED HELP…..I never owned a decent camera and I know nothing about memory cards I'm buying the Olympus TG 5 and need to know the best memory card for this camera. I want 4K video and quality still shots I know you get what you pay for so please recommend what to look for in a quality memory card or a suggestion of a memory card thank you so much for any help

  4. Thank you very much for this information. My first atempt making underwater photos with the tg5 were horrible. After setting up de tg5 with your information the pictures are great. I am diving in Dahab Egypt and with 400ISO the shutterspeed was between 1/30 and 1/1000 of a second. The most pictures were great.

  5. I have been considering purchasing an underwater camera and looking at the TG5. I found your videos very helpful. After adding up the cost of the camera, housing, light, and additional lenses is there a better option for the money? I'm pretty much a beginner and not looking to take out a 2nd mortgage to purchase a camera? Thanks!

  6. Love the videos on the TG5, very informative, thank you so much. Just wondering if you know anything and could do a video using the ring light?? I have the Weefine ring light and love it for macro esp with the microscope mode. I was wondering if you have any extra tips for using it?? Thanks again.

  7. Hello, I am really confused about the shutter speed. The manual that I have downloaded is confusing and the great video you have posted is a bit too quick. Please can you tell me how to set or control the shutter speed?
    Thank you in advance!

  8. Sorry for being late to the party but just got a excellent used TG5 and was wondering if I setup the camera to your suggestion settings if I swap out camera batteries do I have to redo all the settings again?


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