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Sharkoon tg5 front mounted radiator

Do not mount the rad to the top of this case, it does not leave any clearance between the mobo or ram and the case ceiling. There’s a a lot more room on the front especially for 280-360mm rads. This one is an H110i GT 280mm.



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  1. I have the same case but in green as opposed to rgb, if i get a 360mm rad such as H150i with the standard case fans pushing over the rad and the new corsair 3x120mm pulling through where do you fasten the rad to the inside of the case. Does that make sense

  2. i don't understand how you could mount the preinstalled 120 fans in the 140 holes in the rad… ? I assume you put the screws of the push and pull fans contrariwise in the same holes… do the screws collide inside the rad?
    Please answer cause I plan to do the same thing but with the H115i Pro since the H110i GT isn't available anymore.

  3. I never liked front mounted radiators. Sure, you might have slightly better cpu temps drawing in colder air from the outside, but the radiator seriously impedes airflow to the rest of the components, so if youre front fans are the only intakes I don't think it's a worthy tradeoff.

  4. So the the three front fans are intake and rad fans are outtake?
    This will effect of course the airflow into the case and maybe the fans will be bad and noisy after months or what do think?
    Tomorrow I get my TG5 and I will see how I can do it.


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