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Baby formula: 'Government action' needed as 'families exploited' – WHO

The World Health Organisation wants government action over escalating baby formula prices that are “exploiting” UK families.

In an interview with Sky News, the WHO called out the “profit-driven” multinational manufacturers for “manipulating the price” of their baby formulas.

The most recent research shows prices in the UK have risen 24% over the past two years , and the cheapest brand has jumped by 45% in that time.

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24 Commenti

  1. why we don't have a nationalised infrastructure providing for our own people is beyond me , all this Brexit hubub and we have less than we started with . Shame on those in power who will bend the knee to corporate oligarchs and fanning the flames of false patriotism.

  2. In an ideal world mothers would breast feed, express their milk if they needed to work and those that can’t breast feed should receive the formula milk free from the nhs. It’s always risky relying on a multinational company to feed your baby when unforeseen world events could stop production at any given moment. Yes there are those that will say that formula feeding is a mother’s rightful choice and I agree but a baby has a right to be fed and not to be held hostage to availability and over pricing of the very thing that stops them from starving to death.

  3. I've come to the conclusion British people are a bit thick and let government get away with far too much. Businesses like supermarkets and Amazon, Google eBay ext are literally posting record profits.
    Landlords charge maximum rents. No questions asked.
    They are paying next to nothing in taxation because of off shore accounting and loop holes.
    There is no obligation on employers to pay for families.
    They have to go to food banks for baby milk.
    This just ain't right.


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