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Orlando Shooting Debate: Sky News Press Preview

Guardian columnist Owen Jones and radio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer discuss the Orlando shooting on our press preview on 12 June 2016. Watch the full exchange.

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26 Commenti

  1. Turns out the truth has come out, backed by evidence, that this wasn't a "homophobic hate crime". The shooters motive was revenge on the US for the campaign of bombings on his native middle east countries. Iraq and syria..
    They weren killed for being homosexual.
    Owen made a fool of himself based on a deception by US intelligence services.

  2. The idiocy of the statement about being proud of living a city who’s mayor is a Muslim is an example of what’s wrong with voters these days.
    Vote for policies, not for personality or religious affiliation.
    Owen Jones’ ideology will be the death of true democracy.

  3. A supposed journalist losing it … going emotional to claim the issue at hand as a platform to push his favourite LGBT cause … There was an proper investigation, both extensive & intensive, culminating in clear conclusions … but he chooses to ignore all evidence presented to prove his chosen narrative … Ending the argument with a childish tantrum …

  4. Seven years on this woman still sounds so annoying just like the careless egotistical presenter who likes the sound of his own voice and didn’t try to understand at all what OJ was trying to say….Never get this lady for any press reviews

  5. Odd that Owen Jones in this video describes people who shoot innocent jews as disgusting Anti semites, but now here we are 7 years later, with Owen Jones trying to reduce the Hamas attacks of Oct 7th on innocent Jews to a struggle between Oppressor and Oppressed, and not describing them as disgusting anti semites.

    He is literally saying he wouldnt do the thing that he is now doing.


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