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Kay Burley announces the death of Princess Diana on Sky News in 1997

How Sky News reported Princess Diana’s death in 1997.

Read Sky employees’ reflections on the coverage 20 years on:

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  1. I was 13 when this happened I remember getting out of bed and seeing it on the news and I just stood there thinking what will I have for breakfast,so I had frosties and turned on cartoon network. I still feel the same

  2. My 8 yr old son kept running up th stairs to us ( still sleeping on sunday morning) Saying' there's the same thing on every tv channel, I can't see my programmes'. Then my dad phoned me to tell me the news. I cried for a week

  3. I was 4 when she died but when I was a teenager in 2007 when I was watching the news about the 10th anniversary ofher death my mom told me all about Princess Di. I started to read everything I could about her. The world is still mourning

  4. I remember that moment I found out like it was yesterday. I was 25. I got up, got dressed, as I was the first up, I went to feed the cats. Then I did my own breakfast. I took it into the lounge, turned on the TV and don't remember anything else after that.

  5. I remember falling asleep the night before and leaving my radio on woke and I heard Albatross by Fleetwood Mac on the radio I changed to another station and it was just the same then I heard what happened Diana had died it’s shocking news and sad she was a lovely woman PS I’m not a royalist but she seemed so normal and caring to yes it was a sad day

  6. I was like almost 8 and I never knew who she was. The first time I even heard of her was when she actually died. I remember people paying their tribute live on TV. I have seen a part of one of her interviews and I have heard that she was more than just respectable and special. I'm going to watch more of her interviews on how she lived her life.

  7. Fancy having the atrocious taste to prefix the video with an ad! This time it’s for Tesco’s ‘Hearty’ oven chips !! OMG. Meanwhile, Burley mistakenly says that Diana was killed IN the crash.

  8. I was a 7 year old girl in Brazil when heard the news coming back from a trip in the coutryside and I remembered society being shocked like no other royal event did. Yes, this woman hit every corner in the world.

  9. A day or two after Diana died there was the last night of the proms. An announcement said that the piece by John Adams which had been programmed for the evening would not now be performed. I didn't have to check the program to guess that the piece was "A Short Ride in a Fast Machine".


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