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‘Can you shut up?’: Douglas Murray clashes with Palestinian leader in fiery debate

Author Douglas Murray has clashed with Palestinian National Initiative leader Mustafa Barghouti over the possibility of a two-state solution.

The debate between the pair erupted after Mr Murray presented the Amended Palestinian Prisoners Law No 19 (2004) to Mr Barghouti and questioned the politician on whether the Palestinian Authority was paying terrorists a salary.

“Mr Barghouti doesn’t want a two-state solution because he doesn’t want a Jewish state,” he said while the Palestinian National Initiative leader rejected the claim.

“He wants the river to the sea to be a Palestinian state ruled by him and his corrupt friends.

“He cannot answer the question I have put to him repeatedly – This is the PA budget, it rewards terrorism.”

Mr Murray also refuted the claim that Israel is occupying Palestinian land.



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  1. Gaza health ministry = Hamas terrorist organization. Can’t believe a word of what comes out of anything from Gaza because it is all Hamas propaganda. Palestinian “leader” spouts so many lies – proven lies – in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

  2. Wow the"anchor" didn't interrupt when Murray was constantly interrupting bargouti but when it was Murray 's turn to speak, he shuts up bargouti. And Obviously bargouti wasn't even given fair time to respond while that pro Israeli was given all the time to spread Israeli propaganda, which we hear all the time

  3. There is no two state solution. The Muslims will not let Jews live in the Middle East. They’ve been tossed out of Morocco, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon… get the picture? See who the violent ones are here?

  4. Shocking how so many people find justification to what by all legal norms of International Court is clearly and unequivocally a genocide. Anyone with doubts, opent the Genocide Convention of 1949 and read it. And that was created to avoid ANY nation being systematically exterminated based on their nationality or race. If you people find quotes and any reasons and excuses to justify it, there will be people in the future who will do that as well, and you never know if one day those people use such justifications to come to your homes, to your land. The laws were created to stop ANYONE from finding excuses to commit genocide, no exception. Once we open the doors to exceptions, everyone's in danger. It's also a total hypocrisy to put here Einstein's quotes as a justification to the genocide Israel is committing without realising that they could as well have been used by Hitler or any other genocide committers.

  5. I don't know where you guys get your info from, but Israeli hospitals have reported more than 4000 wounded soldiers in gaza fighting, and about 1500 casualties in the IDF forces. It was on the Haaretz News, about a month ago.

  6. Murray just lies and lies. It's that simple. "It rewards terrorism". Murray doesn't seem to understand that in civilised countries, even the worst criminals still have rights, as do their families. The 'terrorists' are inevitably dead, which means they leave a family. It is the responsibility of every state to support those families. End of story. Murray doesn't get to impose a collective punishment regime because he doesn't like Palestinians. He's just an ordinary arsehole getting way too much attention.

    Many other countries have a GTI (Global Terrorism Index) that makes Israel, the US and the UK look bleak. Australia and China are two of those. They deal with terrorism, not with dog-whistling, but with rational procedures. Murray represents those Poms who haven't recognised that pax britannica is over, they live in a failing state and that a new order is emerging in which states like Israel aren't granted a free ride or territory.


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