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Sky News host roasts Energy Minister Chris Bowen on electric vehicle push

Sky News host James Macpherson has slammed Energy Minster Chris Bowen for his continual push on electric vehicles.

“We often wonder if there could be anyone more dumber on the planet than Joe Biden, and the answer is affirmatively yes,” Mr Macpherson.

“Chris Bown is even stupider than Joe Biden.

“The Energy Minister is intent on forcing Australians into electric vehicles even as Joe Biden is backing off.

“Joe Biden with dementia can understand that EVs are not going to work but Chris Bowen persists.”



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  1. Wow! So James Mcpherson has suddenly become an expert on EVs, has he? How about you extract yourself from the oil industry's arse and actually learn a bit about EVs and their history at the hands of the fossil fuel lobby, before you go shooting off your stupid mouth?

  2. We have to hope that the reaction against these dictatorial delusional zealots will be strong enough to see them outed by the majority of voters at the next election. They are obviously totally incompetent and on the nose after the abo bs referendum

  3. At some point you have to stop and ask: "Just what is it that EV's are supposed to be saving us from?" There is one question that is never addressed that would expose the "climate crisis" for the scam that it is, which is "What percentage of the atmosphere is CO2?" The answer, never given in plain language, is that CO2 is currently around 420 parts per million, (google it) increased, they tell us, from 280 ppm in 1850. That's a difference of 140 ppm, or in terms more readily understood by the layman, the composition of the atmosphere has changed by 0.014% (14 thousandths of 1%) in the last 170 years. LESS THAN 1 THOUSANDTH OF 1% PER DECADE! How much closer to "zero" do they think it's possible to get? How gullible do you have to be to believe that this rate of change is causing extreme weather events, which have always happened and always will? Their claim is that this tiny amount "traps heat". ALL gasses dissipate heat and even if CO2 is an exception, the suggestion that a total of 0.042% can overwhelm the capacity of the remaining 99.958% to dissipate that heat is abject nonsense. CO2 DOES NOT control the global temperature, there is no "climate crisis". Wind farms, solar panels, heat pumps, EV's.. None of these measures are necessary, nor will they have the slightest effect on the weather. Eye-watering sums of money have already been wasted on this futile exercise. Time to wake up, stop throwing our money at these boondoggles and squandering the world's resources on projects that cannot possibly succeed as there never was a problem to begin with. There is no need to save the planet from a minuscule increase in the gas on which all life depends, but it does need to be rescued from idiot politicians and media mouthpieces that push this garbage.

  4. My Opinion – Will the ute disappear? No – but its power plant and fuel system will change over time. It may be Battery Electric or Hydrogen Fuel Cell or Hydrogen Engine – but it will change. People tell me – electric will never work – have a look at a Diesel Electric Train or a Diesel Electric Haul Truck if want to see how effective AC or DC electric traction motors are at towing a load! Better fuel consumption – yes please – remember the vehicle is paid for – the fuel is on hire purchase!

  5. they have referendums on stuff , so why can't there be a referendum . A simple Yes for EV's and NO for no EV . Not like the voice , the No vote won , yet ELBO still wants to bring it in , it's like his privates part between his legs grows up etc . EVs will only work in the cities , not out in the middle of the bush .Both ELBO and Bowen need to stand up and stop smelling each others , you know what … Labor out .

  6. Lack of charging stations isn't the only problem, it's problems with apps, broken chargers, long lines, long waits once you get to a charger. The EV car market will never get bigger than 10% here in the US. Many people who have been able to admit they made a mistake regret having purchased one of these overpriced glorified golf carts. The EVangelists keep making excuses and flat out lie about how great they are especially, the biggest lie, for the environment.

  7. Many countries throughout the world are abandoning their EVs because they are unreliable, catch fire, and are not yet safe. They are also extremely expensive to operate and cannot travel vast distances. And yet, dopey Australia, with its traitorous juvenile ministers, continues on its suicide mission, destroying the economy in the process. And these dopes who are wrecking the country will never face financial hardship since they will be rewarded with a huge government pension for life. And you still get people who vote for them!


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