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Chaotic scenes as Joe Biden relentlessly grilled on his mental state

US President Joe Biden has been relentlessly grilled by White House reporters over his age and mental acuity during a surprise last-minute press conference late Thursday night, local time.

A long-awaited report cleared President Joe Biden of any wrongdoing in his mishandling of classified documents on February 8, but dropped a political bombshell by painting the Democrat as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory”.

Mr Biden rejected concerns about his failing memory during the address.

“My memory is fine,” the President said.

Mr Biden stated he is the “most qualified person in this country to be President of the United States”.



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  1. He has no idea what his staff is doing in HIS HOUSE, in HIS GARAGE….and he's responsible for what's going on IN THIS COUNTRY, on THE BORDER, around the world….!!! He's right, actually… he has no idea what's going on.

  2. It seems that they're painting the narrative as usual, so he's not fit to stand trial for the implosion of your country, the usurpation of your natural rights, and the murder of millions of innocent people. These parasitic cretins should all be held to account in the most incredible of ways. Unfortunately, super bowls of chicken and finger licking netflix distraction, suggest that you imbeciles will have forgotten about it by the time the canary sings. So sad. So true.

  3. Проснись. Старик. Давай. Останови. Вайну. Это. Паследнее. Я. Думаю. Доброе. Что. Мы. С. Тобой. Сделаем. Ты. Пакидая. Достойно. Пост. И. Миссию. Президента. Байдэна. ❤❤❤❤

  4. У меня к вам по вопросам банковской системы вопросов нет.Есть вопросы по снабжению биржи ,но они не столь важные,так как их решаю не я.

  5. He is literally incapable of serving as a president of the US. Please don’t let him run for presidential candidate in the coming 24 election. Don’t wanna see the world getting worse by him anymore.

  6. My heart goes out to him but he needs to be accountable as the POTUS. I have been raised to not only respect but also care for elders, and it’s painful to see this grandfather left to face a roomful of aggressive reporters alone when it’s clear he can no longer defend himself. Letting him stay in position, in this condition, is elderly abuse.


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