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Reaction as Morocco stun Spain on penalties to reach World Cup quarter-finals

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Kaveh Solhekol reports live from Qatar as Morocco reach the quarter finals of the World Cup

Morocco are in the World Cup quarter-finals for the first time in history after Spain missed three penalties in a dramatic shootout following a 120-minute stalemate.

Spain’s deficiencies in attack were laid bare – restricted to just one shot in the first 45 minutes, their fewest in a first half of a World Cup game since at least 1966 – as they were eventually dumped out.

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28 Commenti

  1. I almost choked on my cereal this morning when Kay Burley said she couldn't be bothered to try an pronounce the name of the Morrocan player that scored the winning goal.. how could she be so disrespectful?

  2. Congrats to the Moroccan team that represents Morocco, Africa and the Amazigh people and doesn't represent the Asian Arabs. All these players are amazighs and many don't even speak arabic: Ziyech, Sabiri, Amrabat, Aguerd, Mazraoui, Ezzalzouli…

  3. This World Cup has honestly been the World Cup of the Common Man. Qatar has done an outstanding jobs with its hospitality, and its organization. The respect and fairness with which ''outsider'' and ''underdog'' teams were treated (despite the western media spin doctors trying to nitpick or twist events for any issues, out of political spite) has just been pure class, and this honestly feels like a very big, but silent majority, of us, the common people, the ''peasants'', the underclasses of this world have met, and joined together to celebrate fun, freedom and genuine joy. I am so happy to see my country of origin Morocco qualifying for quarters, but what I am happiest for, is to have been able to witness the greatness of all other teams which stood tall, those that did not bend the knee, those that came from so far, just like us. Japan, Cameroon, South Korea, Ghana,Poland, Serbia, Senegal. We all know that in those unsure, chaotic times of the ''great reset'' of our societies (or at least, they can try to push for change), nothing anymore is to be taken for granted.

    But let me remind you brothers and sisters, that in times of chaos, something positive can also come out. And in witnessing all the people, the fans, the supporters, their messages, their spirit, my heart has been utterly filled with belief in humanity, in us the common people, and though we may not bring the cup home for all of us to hold on to this ''victory'', I see the victory already in our hearts. In all the beautiful, emotional faces I have seen in the crowds, in bearing their sorrows and feeling their joys, in all of it, it has given me so much more hope in humanity.

    I am so glad that this world cup happened in Qatar, where we were able to be sheltered from agendas and narratives enough to be able to enjoy the game, and meeting together there. Can you imagine how it would have been if we had to witness countless ''political statements'' and ''messages'' ? So demoralizing. But keep faith. I sincerely hope in the future, all big events should be held in countries like Qatar where political gain is not the primary interest. I want to see it in Asia (Japan would be nice), I also want to see it in Africa (perhaps Morocco? You are all welcome, but anywhere will suit). In 2026, the WC will be in USA…and sadly, we might have to see a different story…Or perhaps should I say a lot of ''stories'' in the media…narratives. God, protect us from those who seek to profit or benefit from the soulful happiness of others…

    I sincerely appreciate all the love and support you have for us, as underdogs. I completely understand. Today we are the common man, and we shall bear your face on ours, and mark those victories in your names, all my brother and sisters from the world, who understand what it truly means. I love you all, all of you beautiful human beings, and I beg you to keep faith in us humans, we will overcome whatever the future and those who think they are its owners, brings.
    I want to end this by sharing a saying with you all, from my South African brothers. Ubuntu ❤ ! The common man will prevail.

  4. Morocco were awful, they should not get any kudos for "Parking the Bus", it made for an awful spectacle, if all matches were like this the WC would be cancelled. However Spain played their part, they were awful, playing Ticky Tac on the half way line will not get you a goal, where were the players with any intelligence or creativity, that Torres was awful but was left on until half way through the second half. BTW why did you have to mention religion when commenting on football. I never heard a reporter when England win saying, yeah this is great for the Christian world, just would not happen.

  5. As a Moroccan I'm very proud of my national team. For the next match, the true hurdle is not Portugal but is the injuries and fatigue our team has suffered throughout the tournament so far. Hopefully we will receive some good news in the next two days about the physical state of our players.

  6. Congratulations to Morocco from Japan. You're seeing something that we were unable to see.
    Hats off to your team and Bono, who showed their true worth in that game.
    I have a feeling that a couple of PL teams will be banging on the doors of Sevilla in January with a suitcase full of cash.


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