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30 SECRETS In Fortnite CHAPTER 4!

30 SECRETS In Fortnite CHAPTER 4!
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Fortnite CHAPTER 4 – Everything NEW EXPLAINED!

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  1. I feel like maybe the 7 won't be returning…until we figure out how to reverse chrome and test it on what's left of the Reality Tree, that is.
    The reason as to WHY i think this is because of the probability that they were absorbed into the Herald, allowing her to gain as much power as she did.
    But until AMIE inevitably figures out a way to reverse chromeinization with something like a counter chrome or finding a weakness in the form of water, I doubt that the 7 will be returning any time soon.
    This only leaves one question…Where did the Paragime go?
    Simple, remember back in chapter 2, season 5 when the Foundation encased himself into the Zero Point to keep it stable?
    Well it turns out that with enough research, all of the 7 have the ability to encase their beings in a random material!
    I'm guessing the way it works is based on how stable the reality is, the material they stand on during said encasement process, or their strength within the 7's group.
    But this leads into other questions like "Will the Paragime ever be released if the Zero Point is exposed?", "How will AMIE be persuaded to think about bringing back the Scientist?", "Will Geno have a part to play in finding the Heralds remains and freeing the rest of the 7?", "Will the weird ore that powers the Oathbound's weapons ever be used for something like a vehicle or the new shield?" and "Will Agent Jonesy ever be able to finally get a break from dealing with constant wars and supernatural stuff that he wasn't exactly trained to deal with on his own?".
    These are questions that I have laid out for you to answer yourself and everyone will think differently about the solution to these answers.
    Work together to figure these out, for a unified answer shall provide the key to knowledge and understanding the next step in the plan.
    And remember…No matter what happens, Don't give up.


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