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Common Ground: Was Meghan right about racism within the monarchy?

Sky News’ Trevor Phillips asks whether Meghan was right about racism and snobbery within the wider Royal Family.

He is joined by historian and writer Dr Tessa Dunlop, actor and director Kelechi Okafor and former royal correspondent Jennie Bond.

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30 Commenti

  1. Tessa is 100% on point. The Conservative press run the royals in the most self serving way. We the public are force fed royal propaganda relentlessly. I really hope we do away with Royalty in my lifetime.

  2. Yes she is biracial and its the black side that they don’t like. She’s also strong and won’t back down. If the Royals were smart they would use both Harry and Meghan because its clear to the world they are great activists.

  3. She got a hard time accepting the Royal rules. She wants the Royal to bow down to her. They want to be famous but Royal family is to serve others. They want to be the boss. Facts she did not invite her family to her wedding, she invites the top Hollywood stars, that’s the proof of her plan. Harry did not tell Megan what being Royal is all about, instead he let Megan do what she wants.

  4. If the woman of African descent is so not feeling ENGLAND and such, just move…. possibly consider the continent or some place in the Caribbean, maybe this will make her happy.

  5. I am well and truly over coloured people who insist the rest of us are racist! Kelechi needs to take a long, hard look at herself, because it's people like her who perpetuate racism , all the while claiming to be free of it.

  6. Megan isn’t right about anything, when Everything that comes out of her mouth seems to be a lie and has been proven to be so. It is just so incomprehensible that these two can get away with behavior like this! I’m also sure that this Ngosi Fulani person is well-connected with Megan and Harry…They’re just gathering up more ammunition along the way, how are they allowed to get away with this, I am so perplexed

  7. The real issue here is MM cannot stand play second fiddle. She’s full of herself n think she can change everything once she’s in the RF. She realised she is not in any position to lead, also there’s hierarchy in the RF just like in any organisation. Hence she’s jealous of PK & started causing these problems using racism blah blah to expect empathy.

  8. For goodness sake, she is not ‘BLACK’. She is biracial. She wasn’t treated thus because of racism. She has to reflect on her behaviour on why the ppl are against her. She started all these. Mainly jealousy. Period.

  9. The key to be successful as a Royal is to worship the Royals just like a miss trees does if it is a woman. If it is a man, bow down to the royals and just conform. They treated Diana horribly; Diana was not black. Anyone who does not conform to the institutions rules, be destroyed!

  10. There are tribes in Nigeria who “colonized” other tribes are we not leaving in peace today???? What is this thing ….. if every oppressor in the past is to pay up where will it end? With the Catholic Church ????

  11. I do believe that parts of UK are racist, but that is unfortunately in every country. I spend 18 months in UK and as a person of color were treated most of the time with warmth and acceptance. There were one instance of racism, but I chose not to dwell on it as the positive outweigh the negative and I find the British people quite accepting.

  12. People are behaving as if this isn't part of the everyday life of black people. What's so special about this? The black Olympian was shackled by white police just because she was on a BMW motor car where was the vast discussion and outrage? They did not even recognize her but gave it up when her companion said he played for Barcelona that is profiling that is unlawful, but black people are always under pressure. British are in Denial about racism.
    Where did Fergie come from, she had more bizarre dramas but yet Meghan gets hashed. Why?
    The problem that the Monarchy has is that it Refused to Confront the past and will always face nagging questions.
    Lady Hussey is the problem was the problem, the other two from the attack brigade need to be gone.

  13. It was u who first compare Kate to Meghan.Dont forget,Kate intentionally,delibrately&desperately wanted to be a Princess—History.

    But Meghan became a Princess by chance.Unprepared.All i can say is that British people should move closer to 21st century

  14. Meghan's entry into the RF exposed engrained prejudices based on association and classism.Inevitably race is a constant feature in this equation.
    What should the King do? Stop the offence against the Sussex, charge family members to be united in his decision to do as the Queen stated they are much loved. Starting time Christmas send an emissary bearing gift to H & M with a special invitation to spend Christmas as guest of the King and Queen once it is agreed make it public. No discussion about Series and old stories but what happens going forward. Make a public announcement of the Family Members to be supportive of the Royal Family working and nonworking.


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