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Fortnite CHAPTER 4 – Everything NEW EXPLAINED!

Fortnite CHAPTER 4 – Everything NEW EXPLAINED!
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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Launch Trailer


Fortnite CHAPTER 4 IS HERE *LIVE* (Battlepass, Secrets & More)

Fortnite CHAPTER 4 Changes EVERYTHING..

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  1. man I started last season so this is my first time with the assault rifle and I have to say I don't see why everyone says its op, the thing is so inaccurate. I'll like lose every fight I pick it up but then I get a red-eye and laser people no problem.

  2. Please explain what the zero point was doing in the event cuz I don't understand was it trying to protect its self again after realizing it was exposed so that's why it was looking for pieces part of the island that survived to protect its self again? And what happened to the crome woman she just froze due to becoming a huge person? And she covers the island and for some reason it explodes? Please can you make a vid about it or update the storyline vid ty.

  3. I swear this new map feels alot harder to get use to it feels alot bigger and more open but theres a few spots that are good like frenzy fields citadel and brutal bastion which is probably my favourite place to land

  4. Will they have the full amount of season quests this time ? In season 2 there were enough main quests to get me to BP level 100. In season 3 there were like 4 quests and that was it. Only got to level 30. ( only have time to play every other weekend so it's not 100% my fault )


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