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Fully intact fossil reveals prehistoric mystery

Museum of Tropical Queensland palaeontologist Dr Espen Knutsen says the discovery of a fully intact Elasmosaurus fossil will help us “understand” how dinosaurs lived across central Queensland.

“Most of what is now central inland Queensland and northern New South Wales was inundated by an inland sea,” Dr Knutsen told Sky News Australia.

“We find fossils of fish and squid, and other reptiles, and also this Plesiosaur from there, so we know what sort of environment they were living in.”



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  1. How does something that is floating and decomposing fossilize? Wouldnt it decompose completely and the bones would scatter? Had to be covered in mud very quickly to fossilize like this

  2. This stuff is not millions of years old, that is what they sell people because they want to deny the flood during noahs day happened. All creatures died that couldn't survive in water for long time. Except those that were on the ark. Reptiles would have not been on that list. There plenty of proof that dinosaurs were here before that they actually walked up right until the curse that God put an all serpents. They would have survived the flood. The flood would have covered their bodies over when the silt settled from rushing rain fall covering the earth. Fire will be the next to come for the rest of us . The earth will burn with fervent heat.


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