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PPE contracts: 'A scandal of a huge proportion,' says Labour

Angela Rayner has spoken to Sky News ahead of Labour’s attempt to get the government to reveal information about PPE contracts.

Ms Rayner said: “I think we need to get to the bottom of exactly what’s happened.

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41 Commenti

  1. Corruption and lies ginger trying get certain tories done by lying in house commons when she had openly stated she was going yo do it earlier!!! People have short memories with labour! Certain TV interviewers are noted at giving easy rides to certain people being interviewed

  2. Labour are right this whole thing stinks of fraud and the torys in the Lords are deep up to there necks in do do and we need to know all those that stuck there noses n the trugh for there friends rotten to the core and Sunak better make a statement and get this in the public domain.

  3. They say rules are there to be broken, ask the Tories ?
    I love the way a House of Lords Peer cannot be investigated, because the company that gave the Peer a large payment, is being investigated !
    Further more it is paid into a trust, which are often used to hide payments / identity, and avoid tax ?

  4. Kay was showing her true tory colours there.Didnt want to hear anything in regards to the PPE scandal and instead just pushed on the strikes.Real arrogance and nonchalant mentality "we was in the middle of a pandemic the government was doing everything the could to save lifes"….while making millions and throwing lavish parties on the back of it.SMH

  5. Why does it feel like Angela Rayner is being interrogated when she is just reeling off crushing fact after fact about the BLATANT CORRUPTION of the Tories? Is the British public all on some kind of tranquiliser? Honestly this is truly banana republic level of political cronyism and it just seems like they're going to get away with it. Beggars belief.

  6. I would have thought that viewed objectively the PPE contracts were a 'huge scandal' and I cannot think of any reason the suggestion should be reported as "labour says…" apart from political bias. Is sky largely owned by Murdoch?

  7. This and …
    Selling the royal mail despite making a £30+ mil profit, sold off the search and rescue service despite the raf wanting to keep it for training purposes.
    Just to name a couple

    They should be investigated an charged to show there not above the law even tho they seem to be

  8. What Rayner doesn’t seem to grasp, & giving the impression of someone with an IQ of less than 80 it’s hardly surprising, is the urgency of the situation at the time. PPE was being demanded by nearly every country in the world, resulting in shortages, thus suppliers could charge what they wanted. Had the Government refused to pay the price then liebour & especially the despicable Rayner would have claimed the Tories were putting money before lives! Now the emergency has passed Liebour are acting all self righteous over supply lines…..!

  9. The real scandal here is that enough of the electorate of Ashton-Under-Lyne thought voting for such a coarse potty-mouthed individual as this would be a reasonable thing to do. What manner of folk are they ? Is there something in the water that cancels out their intellect ?

  10. Stammer is Blair, Labour must not be allowed in, Stammer wants to fast track 44000 illegal migrants that have come over this year alone. All 100% unidentified all here why ? Not sure if these illegal migrants are taking the pee or Stammer

  11. It's almost as if we should be allowed a general election so we can finally oust the muppets in charge. New foreign secretary wanting to scan the horizon for our economic outlook over the next 10 years???? Shouldve thought about that 10 years ago pal.


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