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Climate activist receives minimum eight month sentence for stopping Harbour Bridge traffic

Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says those who supported the state’s strict protest laws will probably “wince” at the 15-month sentence handed down to climate activist ‘Violet’ Coco, who is the niece of Cabinet Minister Alister Henskens.

Ms Coco is being jailed for holding up traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge one morning “in the name of a so-called climate protest” and will receive a sentence of at least eight months.

“The New South Wales government introduced very strict laws in relation to this after a series of protests disrupted Sydney,” Mr Clennell said.

“Those laws meant that people could be jailed for up to two years for protesting illegally on public roads, rail lines, tunnels, bridges and industrial estates.”

Mr Clennell said the New South Wales government is “one of the most active in Australia in terms of climate change targets”.

“Which does make you wonder about the motivations of this activist ‘Violet’ Coco protesting in the drastic manner she did.”



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  1. The Violet Coco sentence had its beginning with the Terrorist stunt that blockaded Port Botany in which seven were arrested and two were deported back to Germany

    The Government acted quickly enacting new laws to deal with these Terrorists, NSW Police established Strike Force Guard and targeted Blockade Australia protesters in the Colo Valley, in Sydney’s north-west

    It was basically the end of these protests in Sydney with most of them moving to Victoria a State that welcomes such disruptions

    Violet Coco's sentence shows the Courts are prepared to act imposing a sentence that sends a strong message that such terrorist acts will not be tolerated in this state

    Deanna “Violet” Coco, is the niece of a senior minister in the New South Wales Coalition government Alister Henskens

    The laws – widely criticised by human rights groups, unions, environmental activists and legal groups at the time – introduced larger fines and up to two years in jail for convicted protesters.

    That interfering body the UN was “alarmed” by the new laws as were the Australian Guardian and the ABC who express support for these terrorists and an attempted filibuster by the Greens on the legislation was thwarted

    The usual groups and Media organisations that support such terrorist groups disrupting the lives of law-abiding citizens sparked a renewed push for the new laws to be repealed.

  2. Her sentence is not too harsh. The other cases mentioned or compated to this have sentences that are too soft. We have laws, if you can't obey them, suffer the concsequences. It's bloody simple. Stop the whining.

  3. Good, they shouldn’t be impede on others rights.

    But what are they gonna do when Australia is on fire and under water?

    Arrest the ocean? Make probabation for the fire?

    Then ignore the cause and make sure their nukes are still running… and raised above the new sea level…

    While such acts make them look foolish and degrade their messages, they don’t have any need or purpose in blocking traffic. Cars aren’t the cause.

    Rather toxic industries and nuclear and coal… go protest around a nu-coal plant or when a nuclear reactor vents its core… or uses ocean water to cool it…

    This isn’t activism. How does it fix pollution from industry? To attack people and things that don’t even know. Without educating them?

    Such acts do more harm than good to the movement that had momentum before this stuff… people tieing themselves to old growth Forrest’s had a solid impact. And it made sense. We need that now.

  4. Just make a no-fault law for drivers. If someone is deliberately impeding your ability to move freely, you have the right to run them over and defend that right. Hopefully they will behave then. I don’t think eight months is enough, any months she’ll just be out there doing it again. I personally wont miss any of these “people”.


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