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Ukraine War: How will winter impact frontline troops?

Retired Sir Vice-Marshal Sean Bell takes a closer look at the West’s cap on Russian oil and the impact of winter on frontline troops in Ukraine.

He says the cold weather conditions are making it “very difficult” for Putin’s troops to use precision weapons, highlighting the issue of trees losing their foliage and the problems it causes for soldiers.

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32 Commenti

  1. Any guesses on how many Russian soldiers will freeze to death this winter? How many will have their feet amputated due to frost bite having only Nikes to wear while standing in a water filled trench? No food or warm uniforms, hopefully they surrender in droves.

  2. "A long term process"? Dammit. Give Ukraine all the tanks and long range missiles they need to defend their country NOW. NATO needs to stop this timid half stepping. Ukrainians are fighting for their lives and dying every day! For Christ's sake, just give them the equipment they need to end it. Stop making this harder than it has to be.

  3. The west will have to purchase from a 3rd party which the cost will fall on the poor of the west nothing knew and who cares about the poor anyways! Your government doesn't for sure,

  4. hmm a year back the west include UK is worry about russia operation in the artics ( Now they saying russia cant manage winter fights, no winter clothing? Russia Yakutsk the coldest city on earth -40 same as Arctics, if one can do a bit more research, russia is the only country in the world that actually trained soldiers on winter warfare and have the best winter clothing for soldiers too, one that not only keep warm but allow troops to swim in -30, and the clothing do not freeze up into ice after swimming. it is getting worry that the news dun tell us everything

  5. This President of rosinski is delusional and so is the American press making the beggar of the year the people of the year I mean really he's a beggar to get back to the comment on the story Russia makes three quarters of the oil production in the world that's a significant amount it also supplies 70% of Europe's power through the reactor that Putin built on the Russian Ukraine border eight reactors the biggest in the world yeah all that American hype and all that nonsense don't believe it it's all nonsense it's controlled by Putin nothing's happened no one's been there it's all fake news

  6. Historically speaking when it comes to Ukraine, the russians have preferred to launch advances in the fall and winter as the mud freezes and they con get tanks and supply lines moving much faster, ask field marshal Paulus for comment.


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