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Starmer: I want to abolish House of Lords in first term

Speaking to Sky News, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer confirmed that he wants to get rid of the House of Lords.

He told Kay Burley: “I don’t think anybody could defend the House of Lords.”

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44 Commenti

  1. Good, the silly little old men in wigs earning money turning down the things the people voted for because they think they know best THEY DONT !!! And if kay gave the man a chance to speak instead of speaking over him every second saying OK OK OK we have a limited time WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO HEAR HIM get this women of tv.

  2. Just unbelievable dictatorial dangerous mind.Some extremists tories wanted to scrap the house of allow one way system to t those law makers to get away with their actions…Now the Labour liking the idea and will do that as part of their election manifesto…

    Very dangerous act. Part of the great rest WEF servants in action.

    The Labour is acting like those extremists brexiters in hope to win some votes form those extremists….anti EU and single market.

    Labour wanted even more crippling covid restrictions ,lockdowns and passport blackmailing ..

  3. Abolishing the House of Lords and replacing it with what ? Most democracies have two chambers ,two Houses , the House of representatives or as in the UK The House of commons and a senate or upper house The House of Lords . Having two chambers serves as a check and a Balance . Unlike other countries the Upper House, the House of Lords is unelected . Maybe reform in the shape of an elected upper House might be better and more acceptable ?

  4. Si quieres tener éxito, la mayoría asume la responsabilidad de tus emociones, no echas la culpa a los demás. Además de hacerte sentir más culpable por tus defectos, señalar con el dedo a los demás solo servirá para aumentar tu sentido de responsabilidad personal. Siempre hay un riesgo en cada inversión, pero la gente todavía invierte y tiene éxito. Debes mirar hacia afuera si quieres tener éxito en la vida.

  5. Abolish the House of Lords? How will that empower the "people"? Sounds a bit more of a move to abolishing the monarchy as well. Assembly of nations and regions? Is this in preparation of the total break up of the UK?

  6. Union Barons, lord how outdated is that! Today it's the Banker Barons and their ilk who get all the money through tax cuts, even the UK's Prime Minister's a Banker Baron. No wonder there's no money for the workers (peasants) the Banker Barons have transferred it all to their offshore accounts.

  7. Cap MP's wages so it can't raise more than inflation. More rigorous expenses rules, let's stop the abuse of the system. No second homes for MP's, they can stay at a budget hotel like everyone else.

  8. Key recommendations in the Gordon Brown review:

    – elected House of Lords with 200 members

    – shifting 50,000 civil servants out of London

    – banning most 2nd jobs for MPs

    – juries of citizens to decide if MPs have breached rules

    – eliminate foreign money from UK politics

  9. The house of lords should be replaced, not abolished. Giving MPs free reign to sign into into law whatever they want without accountability is dangerous, how many times have bad laws been repealed? I can't think of any off of the top of my head.

    A second house elected using the proportional representation system is FAR better suited to shield the country from bad laws proposed by parties that dominate the FPTP system, it would also highlight the divide between how people truly feel politically and what they're forced to elect because of the FPTP system.

  10. It is better to call names and shake hands while meeting, it is more simple and close to the public; it is better to put name before titles i.e. Jack, the manager of a Co. ltd., it is better to add people and kingdom in the national anthem to make it complete. Civilians can marry nobles etc., but are not necessarily adopt nobles title and share their partner’s property. Civilian doesn’t mean not brilliant, class segregation is perhaps not good for a democratic society where people are equal to each other.(for reference)


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