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Harry and Meghan are 'nothing but money-grubbers'

Commentator Liz Storer says Harry and Meghan are “nothing but money-grubbers,” with the pair being set to earn over USD$100 million on their Netflix documentary and other ventures.

“These people genuinely think they’re in it for the values,” Ms Storer told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“They arrived to this award show on a jet, after barely taking a breath, lecturing us on climate change.”



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  1. Why can't anyone supporting the grifters give examples of what they do to deserve awards or what they have done to combat racism and how were the RF racist towards Megaliar? No one can give examples and when asked to they skate around the question.

  2. This shameless Kerri Kennedy lying through her teeth just like the two fake recipients of her award. H & M have fulled racial devision with their unfounded accusations. Only proven racist in the RF is Harry with his Nazi uniform & racial slurs to colleagues. Both vile & evil individuals. They don’t care who they hurt as long as they get cash.

  3. I am a very sensitive person & if I had people hurling nasty comments at me I could never smile as though I was going to a Christmas party. These two must have steel-lined intestines to be able to walk through a crowd when nasty comments are made & keep on grinning. But, then again, all they have to do is remember how much money is in the bank. I guess that takes all of the trash talk away. Sad.

  4. Of course they are money grabber. Otherwise how can they keep the high society life style they want persue? They walked away from the financial security of royal life style. However there was their choice and prerogative to invest heavily on Netflix.

  5. I hope Royals and Netflixes stop subsidizing their extravagant lifestyle. They aint Opra nor famous musician. Im sure many people would love to see them downsizing to life they actually can afford on their own. So far they live much above their market worth and this netflix deal is cringe. I dont get why people waste hours of their life to watch such stuff where you have two vapid humans desginer clad showing their luxury lifestyle and nothing else. Boring af.

  6. World we live in. Help worthy of award = Vapid famous roay and his wife shows up in designer clothes somwhere public and do virtue signalling speech (likely writen by sombody elseP) = helping poor/disabled/mentally ill.

    Lives changed = 0. Meanwhile uknown doctors,teachers,nuns and volunteeers all over the world do actual physical and emotional and try to solve and aid people all over the world. We never heard about them.


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