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Ukraine War: What impact will wet wintery weather have on war?

As the weather is turning wet and cold in Ukraine, former senior military intelligence and security officer, Phillip Ingram, explains how the conditions are impacting operations on the frontline for both Russia and Ukraine.

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37 Commenti

  1. I remember the '10 day operation' to invade Afghanistan, took 20 years and the west ran away crying. Anyway the Ukrainian's should be ok, apparently they have 300,000 winter uniform's, and as their half a million man army is down to less than 200,000 they should have some spare for all the polish troops fighting there. I would say Georgians too but apparently they were surrounded in Bakhmut over the weekend and are visiting baby Jesus in heaven so wont need winter uniforms.

  2. idont tell but all understand sir and medam(usa) . one man ,medam put fake message

    this are peoples tell like a sakshi , jagan and chevireddy(drinking) . jagan nundi kapadandi .this message not fake. and please help 195 country and here also put sir

  3. Day 284 of Putin's 10-day Special Military Operation…

    Damn, Those are some seriously long 10 days they've got in Russian… And that winter prep… this is beginning to look a bit like the German Army at Stalingrad… absolutely unprepared for the onset of winter and Operation Uranus, which led to one catastrophe after another.

  4. Complete disinformation here!! Please please check out the commentary by Col. Douglas Macgregor and by Scott Ritter. The Ukrainians have lost +100k dead and +250k wounded. They are out of men and equipment and NATO have expended their own reserves of equipment trying to hold the whole thing up. Russia is amassing a large force of 15 divisions ready to roll over what is left of the Ukrainian army once the ground freezes in December. We are already seeing destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure and utilities. With the Russian advance and the humanitarian disaster that is coming, we will see many hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees descend on a Europe which is already crippled by its own backfired energy sanctions. A complete disaster caused by our mad/bad leaders and covered up by their accomplices in the media. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  5. I wonder if their analysis is wrong will anyone remember or care. On to the next distraction. Most in the USA and Europe don’t support any of this nonsense. Maybe time to start reporting more balanced view of the human tragedy and realistic outcomes before more people die.

  6. Aside from Crimea, there isn't any wet wintery weather in Ukraine. It's a short period each autumn and each spring. After that, everything freezes solid. The freeze is already in place, this year. Aside from the cold and less cover from leaves-covered trees, there will be no difference for Ukrainians – they got 500000 winter uniforms from Canada. Russians, OTOH, with no equipment, bad logistics, badly trained troops, no shelter, no tents, inept commanders, will become a frozen fish. While the ground was still soft, Russians were seen digging holes in order to get cover from the cold wind – and Ukrainians hunting them down in those holes with IEDs launched from cheap commercial drones. Once the ground is frozen, not even such holes will be possible anymore. Either Russian troops start a mutiny against Putin to end the war or they will freeze to death in droves in Ukraine, this winter.

  7. Russia been trying to talk about peace for the last few weeks Ukraine not interested in peace and started sending long range missiles into Russia which they are not meant to have , Ukraine and the west are nothing but war mongers , if Putin unleashed the full force of his army they will wipe Ukraine off the map

  8. What impact will some nukes have on the war. It will get hot first, all is burned, only few bones , all the dust. Then black snow with skin, blood particles, small organ pieces will rain down. Black sky. Loud cries from the periphery where they die longer, hours or 2 days. The skin goes down, water from all wounds. But one shall not be aggressive against a big nuclear superpower. That was idiotic. Now its to late. It will happen !!!


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