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Watch live: Sir Keir Starmer outlines sweeping reform plans under Labour govt

Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer is set to announce sweeping reforms which would see what he claims would be the “biggest ever transfer of power from Westminster to the British people”.

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34 Commenti

  1. Hilarious. Everything he condemns the Tories for Labour did in spades. This is all more feather-bedding for civil servants and the gradual cozying back up to.Brussels' authority. The technocrats' revenge, dolled up in red, of course.

  2. Spent 2 days reading the report…. Really impressed as it allows total transparency of where your money is going and who and why it's been spent…. Not surprised it has not had more much coverage by main stream media…….

  3. HI Lisa's husband Andy here. Gordon Brown "We'd like to thank the Liberal Democrats for these ideas for Keir" Labour look like they've been reading the orange book in bits for new centre ideas. At least it stops the left from getting in.

  4. This just seems like another way to distract us from the basics of the country going down the drain so government can blame the locals. While I appreciate the change on to policies from personal attacks these are not good for the country. Devolution didn't work why start making it increase. Bit dodgy and feels more like gordon browns policies.

  5. Far Leftists who hate the traditional culture of the country offering ‘radical reform’ usually goes horribly, horribly wrong.
    Labour destroyed the country when they opened the flood gates in the 90s, this is their intended death blow to kill Britain as we’ve know it for centuries.

  6. Labour does not need sweeping reforms to win the next election …. it just needs to not be the Conservatives and not mess things up more than they have. Telling voters that everything is going to change under Labour will scare many away. Starmer is in danger of becoming a Corbyn from a voter point of view.


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