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‘Gruesome twosome’: Meghan and Harry are ‘whining millennial windbags’

Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan says Meghan Markle is a “latte-munching imbecile” living in luxury while moaning about an institution that gave her royal titles.

“This gruesome twosome only survived by cashing in on what is left of their royal status,” Mr Morgan said.

Mr Morgan called for King Charles III to strip the pair of their remaining titles and “cast them out from any connection to the Royal Family.”

“Because without it they’re just whining millennial windbags with a permanent victim complex, knowing victimhood is what makes them all the money.”



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  1. Their Netflix show is clearly false, fake and one tremendous lie after another! This is the Horrid Meghan Show, and I believe she forced Harry into it (so she could make more money of course!) If you ready Harry's body language, he's not into it all! It's a Let's pretend for the MeAgain Show! I hope he's really separated himself from her rictus grin, and her grasping touch of hand:(( This is nothing but a false collage, picture slide show!

  2. I think you are really distasteful. In all your interviews. The only thing you show is not kindness. To anyone. You will do and say anything for an audience. You are bitter and just here for sensationalism which breeds contempt among others. Try compassion. Or empathy.

  3. Please please can tell am I the only English guy veteran who was happy for them but to be really honest I didn't know she was mixed race I'm black when I come back from Cyprus I don't care who he married don't f@#@k the British people look at the British crusade against slavery

  4. Didn’t Megan convert to the Jewish faith in order to marry her previous husband ? How has she reconciled her abandonment of that to be married in the C of E or is that something else that like her farther is just ignored?

  5. The whiney duo is a disgusting example of what the agenda wants society to become. There's some of us with brain cells left and are not buying it. Life will go on, and they will be forgotten just like all the other useless idiots.


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