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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's 'lies' must not go 'unanswered'

The Royal Family cannot allow the lies which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have perpetuated to go unanswered, Royal biographer Tom Bower says.

“I think the only way they (the Palace) can react is after the Netflix series – giving an interview,” Mr Bower told Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan.

“I think either the King or William have got to break this idea of ‘never complain, never explain’ – they’ve got to take it head on.

“I think it will be a global sensation, then comes the book (Prince Harry’s memoir).”



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  1. Meghan was not into her cultural identity until it became a weapon to use to continue to make money off calling the race card over Britain, because she knows the left will fall for that, this feels wrong and that her African descent is more like a trophy/weapon/source of wealth than a proud sense of self. personally myself and my bi-racial children are very proud of their progresses and they really dont like it if they are made to feel like the trophy student, they are not ashamed of their heritage, it is actually the other way round, their original relatives dont reach out to them, even though I still speak to my ex husband and any of his family it is only if I initiate it even though all these years I have made it possible for them to know where we are and how to contact us.

  2. It's not worth the royal family to respond. Watching the show it's repetitive, lack content and just exagerrated trivial issues. The more serious issue have been spoken a year ago and so now the show, memoir is done to provoke a response and at this point they're bitter and full of resentment. Yes they're in pain and all that but it's turned them into something else.

  3. God forgive me…. what happening in Britain now…. it was a great country. Not anymore.. sick when people constantly playing a racist card. From Russia with love. Very sorry for your stupid politicians as well.

  4. What a false narrative she tries to bring into the discussion. Racism? Guess that is on her political agenda. Lady, find some other and better subject to fit that into. None of this has to do with racism. It has to do with lack of carácter, betrayal, unsolved psicológical isuews, deceit and greed. What ever the 'shape of their toes", their behavior is ruthless, misleading, selfish and evil. All sums up to deceaving, naive and gullible followers, like many other petty reality show opportunists. Thay are no more than two spoiled kids going out for revenge and a buck, literally manipulating, using, playing the public eye, in general, for fools. Britain should in my opinion, sue both.

  5. Here's a question if a White male or female was born in India or China will they be accepted as Indian and Chinese nationals without question or doubt? When people around the world think of Great Britain. Indians or Africans doesn't come to mind they think of Anglo Saxons. It's common sense don't make it complicated. Hong kongers I think of Chinese Nationals not White Anglo Saxons.

  6. There is no proof of MM being suicidal or asking for help from the Monarchy an Harry doesn’t comment on any of that it is all Megan talking with no proof. She read Diana book an portraying herself an copying Diana
    There has been no paparazzi chasing them. These 2 don’t have the attention the Queen, Diane, William, Kate have. Mm wants the spotlight all on her an H, the money, title, security, luxury, tiaras, house, respect all at
    the cost from the Britain’s.

  7. I am an American and I'm from half Italian & half Irish heritage but my husband is German – so my name is german. It is not at all uncommon for people to ask me about my heritage . I look Italian in some ways – very Irish in other ways – dark auburn hair & green eyes. So it is a good way to open a conversation, and certainly it does not insult me to be asked about my heritage. I'm proud of ALL of my heritage. Meghan should try it sometime – be proud of yourself and who you come from.

  8. She is not a princess, she is a step below a Duchess. Other people get regular jobs so why can't they. They are untalented an no skills. I believe their doing this for the all mighty dollar. Give us what we want an will stop.

  9. Lies should not go unanswered. It is crazy. In O they said tbey had no plans when they left the deals were after they left but their docuseries with all the video and journalling shows one of them had big plans to execute and wanted to make money. Crazy manipulation


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