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SNL mocks Joe Biden for having ‘full blown’ brain damage

Saturday Night Live’s ‘Weekend Update’ has mocked President Joe Biden for showing up to work everyday with “full blown CTE”, which is a brain disease brought on by too many knocks to the head.



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  1. Saturday Night Live cast members need to keep their mouth shut remember they help cause the problem America is in they're still not funny no matter how they turn the joke sick sick people you harm my president you harmed my country you have no right to speak at all you're not funny you're just sad no matter what

  2. I feel sorry for the poor old man who CLEARLY NEEDS to retire to a rest home instead of being trotted out in front of the entire world to be mocked daily….this is nothing short of elder abuse…..and no, I did not vote for him!

  3. Yeah they're all about running after Donald Trump and putting him in prison over the January 6th Riot when Nancy Pelosi knows that she's the one that caused it her and Schumer and lose Chaney and all the Democrats but yet they can't do nothing with Joe Biden this man is destroying our country raising the inflation Rising gas bringing drugs to our country bringing the immigrants over here giving them free money free housing what's wrong with this picture people stop chasing after Donald Trump trying to put him away why don't you put Joe Biden away where he belongs Behind Bars


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