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Germany 'expects a wave of refugees in the coming weeks'

Germany does not see a fundamental change in the Russian position amid the war in Ukraine, the German ambassador to the UK, Miguel Berger, has told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday programme.

He said: “Putin continues terrorising the civilian population and these attacks on the energy infrastructure mean that many people in freezing temperatures might be forced to leave Ukraine.”

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36 Commenti

  1. The EU will never be buying cheap Russian energy again. The west has to buy expensive USA gas from now on even if the war ended today. Russia knows it cannot win a conventional war against Ukraine that is a NATO equipped and trained army supplied with intelligence. At some point Russia will have to use tactical nukes in Ukraine to win and respond to A NATO conventional attack response with Nuclear weapons and work up the escalation ladder to total Armagedón. The alternative is to give up on Ukraine and accept a NATO Ukraine. Maybe even a Collapse of the Russian Federation and its consequences for Syria, Iran and China.

  2. Disagree on the point about human rights. i have been working in Qatar for 10 years, and a lot of British people working there too. if there is no human rights in Qatar, why on the hell are those British people working there. are they forced to work there?

  3. Such blatant hypocrisy from the German government.

    Didn’t the Germans spend the past months begging the Qataris to sell them more gas which they desperately need for their economy. Now they are saying the World Cup should only be held in countries which respect workers rights?

  4. Go back to january and look how peaceful the world was in Europe, BEFORE the USA threatened Germany with sanctions if it took any more gas from Russia. It could not be clearer how the US/NATO are the biggest threat to European, and world peace and security, and to Germany whose situation has deteriorated drastically since the destruction of gas pipelines, and gas supply arrangements with Russia.

  5. Herr Berger, the German people seem to be blessed by their leaders; Gerhart Schroeder sold Germany down the drain of total energy dependence on Russia, Angela Merkel did the same by her epiphany of opening Germany’s borders to 1.5 million immigrants (who don’t speak the language and must be fed and watered) and now Olaf Schultz, another benefactor of German public opinion, relaxed the immigration laws without consulting the people to ensure that the German miracle enjoys all the blessings of a multicultural paradise. Great achievements; Germany is now heading towards an economic collapse and social turmoil. Ultimately the people are responsible for electing these clowns into power.

  6. This has made my day seeing that Britain is now open to working with our Europeaan friends, it just shows what can happen when the grown ups take charge, Johnson did so much damage.

  7. I live in Germany. The German elite is all talk. They have done little to lower energy prices for their own people. They have done little to help the Ukraine. They are Europe's biggest polluters. Blah, blah, blah Klimaschutz- it's just talk from them. They want more working people to uphold their crumbling pension system so are desperate for Ukrainian refugees to stay. However, very few Ukrainians want to stay and have little interest in speaking German. The are lots of illegal immigrants from Asia and Africa here holding the economy up. I see them on the fields every morning and speak with them when travelling on the metro at 5am to dodge fairs to get to the fields or factories. The key difference between Germany and the UK is the mentality. Despite the Brits having an awful political class and press that attacks public services – in general Brits take more risks and work harder than Germans – they are also a more united people (which came as a surprise to me when considering Scotland and Brexit). My observation is that Britain needs a new government- Germany's issues are far deeper.

  8. The UK is the 15th most densely populated nation in the world England is the 7th
    After the two world wars in Europe people of European descent represented 35 percent of the world population. 80 years later some estimates give the figure as 7 to 15 percent.
    The United Nations compact migration program are forecasting 1.5 billion climate refugees destined for Europe by 2050.


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