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17 Video Games That ROAST Cheaters

17 Video Games That ROAST Cheaters

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  1. Hey guys Tommy here! Thanks to Sammy for helping me record this video, you'll be seeing more of him and Tyler on this channel but don't worry, I'll also still be recording as well! I want to make sure we can post more videos without less quality and the help lets me do this! Thanks for subbing to the 2nd channel <3

  2. Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft II had a system against cheaters in their single player modes. When a cheat code is used, at the end of the RTS game matches when it tallies up your score, your rank is automatically given then rank as "Cheater". But the work around is deactivating the cheat code by reentering code again and keeping it deactivated before the match ends. Warcraft III inherited this from its predecessor years later. Starcraft also had this same thing since the first Starcraft game uses the same engine as Warcraft II except the codes were different in each game. Diablo series didn't have an anti-cheat system except by game moderators monitoring Battle Net. In fact, Diablo II's Open Battle Net was made specifically for players who want to hack and mod their characters. Diablo 1 back in the day was notorious for hackers and modders altering the game by giving themselves top rated gear including gear thats impossible to obtain legally including the legendary Godly Plate of the Whale even on Blizzard's Battle Net system. Blizzard never monitored Diablo 1 but they did so for their future games. This issue with Diablo 1 made playing online with Diablo 1 nearly impossible to play for players who just wanted to play the game cleanly in an open game lobby unless they were with their friends or in a solo game lobby by themselves because hackers often would hunt down other players just to kill them and ruin their fun knowing how impossible their characters would be to kill. I will admit, I hacked/modded my Diablo 1 characters back in the day only because I wanted to play the game online and the only way to survive in the open lobbies was to become a modded/hacked character yourself. By that point, it was down to who had better hacking program. I used DoomGaze for Diablo 1 for this purpose alone. But offline or with friends, I played the game 100% cleanly and before some you all start labeling me as a dunce or cheater. Realize the environs before passing judgement. Diablo 1 servers back in the late 90s to early 2000s was a toxic place to play with hackers and modders lurking at every corner as I stated but it didnt stop me from playing the game and hanging out at after school.

  3. I remember playing this scene in metal gear. Back in the day you could find ps controllers in stores that had a "turbo button" and ocelot would say the same thing but he'd say turbo button instead of auto fire. I was like how tf does he know lol

  4. While cheating in multiplayer is offending and unworthy, and must be punished quickly and inevitably, I will not have anyone tell me how exactly I must play my singleplayer game, let alone try to "punish" or "humiliate" me for using possibilities provided by cheatshacksmods. Games are meant to give players what they want! And it must be so as long as other players are not concerned.
    It's like selling, for example, bread – and punish people if they do not eat it exactly the way the baker intended them to.
    Piracy is yet another matter entirely.

  5. It's really weird when devs make anti cheat for single player games, it seems kind of pointless and in Banjo Kazooie's case it's outright dumb. Why put a cheat code system in if you're going to punish the player so harshly for something you added to the game?

    Imagine beating something like GTA V and you get bored and decide to dick around with the codes and for no reason R* would wipe your save.


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