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PMQs: Labour accuses PM of being 'wobbly' on policy

Rishi Sunak was accused by the Labour leader at PMQs of being the “blancmange Prime Minister who wobbled” after performing three U-turns in a week.

Watch their full exchange here.

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19 Commenti

  1. Ok lets focus on the substance. Since 2020/2021 there has been a 400% rise in avoidable deaths caused by lack of ambulances/staff shortages/inadequate resources due to over ten years of Tory austerity. And Rishi dares to imply that NHS workers/ambulance staff aren't part of the ''hard working people'' and then goes further by now saying they will bully them with ''tough laws on strike action'' to force them to work in dire conditions without the resources or pay rises they deserve and need when the reason they're striking is due to public services being run down so badly that they can't do their jobs effectively and have to see people dying needlessly which causes them trauma and kills their morale, and all that misery and suffering because the Tories are despicable spineless weasels who will never impose extra taxes on the rich because those super rich are their buddies and they rely on them to win elections via the back door. Reprehensible beyond words. Rishi's parents clearly did a terrible job raising him. We need new tough laws on cronyism and rich people being allowed to be MP's for the sake of the country and people's livelyhoods and lives!! And we also need to abolish private schools so that we can prevent the further creation of these monsters.

  2. As a person not even living in the UK now and as someone who observes current economic developments there, to hear the UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak say, "Labour talks; Conservatives deliver", makes me conclude that such a reality is only true in dreams.


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