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Prince Harry and Meghan seem 'out to destroy' the Royal Family

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem “out to destroy the Royal Family”.

This comes following the release of the teaser for their upcoming Netflix docuseries.



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  1. She is out to destroy everyone around her… her family, his family, her friends, his friends. And watch… perhaps their own children?

    Americans love the Royal Family; but not Markle and Harry. Look at the difference between Prince William and Princess Catherine's welcome and the "complainers."

  2. These two are disgusting. The truth is, even if the royal family did treat them badly. I don't care. They are privileged spoiled brats, who don't deserve any attention, and yet they still get it. There are people around the world, who actually do suffer. There are people who have nothing. And these two whine and cry and grab attention so they can get more money. I don't know why anyone wants to watch anything they do. I don't know why anyone cares.

  3. American's love our Allies. My Father told us of the bravery of the Brits during WW11 living under the Blitz… I'll stick with the bravery of the people who lived through that, rather these new Social Justice Warriors.

  4. Diana and Charles both talked to the press and the monarchy wasn't destroyed. The dramatics and nastiness on display towards two women of color (Meghan & Ngozi) tells the world all it needs to know about Britain. The mask is off.

  5. There is no perfect family get over it.
    Someone needs to be honest with Harry and meagan, and write how they abandoned their loyal subjects of the UK by leaving. Running away solves nothing. They need to put their tails between their legs and go back to the UK. That is where they belong not in California. Meagan married into the royal family and she needs to put in the work and price she can be a royal family member. It's cowardice on both thuer parts to just runaway only thinking of themselves forgetting what their presence meant for millions of the UK. Nothing gets changed from the outside, but you have a chance from within. I just don't have empathy for Harry and meagan and they just seem like privileged brats that won't get a bicycle for Christmas. They don't belong in the US and belong in the UK. They need to return to thier duties as royals and oroive they are just as much royals as the rest. Claiming fear for your loved ones when in actuality they would be safer in the UK due to the interracial marriage, is cowardice. Stand up for yourself Harry and your family go home and return to duties that can truly make a difference.

  6. These two are disgusting. Not to mention, these two are a security threat at this point to the royal family. They got people throwing eggs at Harry's daddy, their Netflix stunt posed a security threat to Will and Kate. The Kennedy's father and uncle were actually assasinated so it is totally ridiculous for them to entertain these two because they know first hand about how horrible that is. What the Kennedy's should have done if they were prudent was to sit back and wait and see what Meghan was going to do the minute Will and Kate"s landed on American soil, and what did she do, she pulled a stupid Netflix stunt that posed a clear and present danger to Will and Kate that put them in harm's way. The obvious hatred Meghan has for Will and Kate is ridiculous. They showed their hand; and so, if the Kennedys were smart they would have seen this and pulled back on that award, snatched it back, taken it away from them because they showed the world who they are. No regard for human life. Are the Kennedy's blind or senile to the fact that someone like Meghan poses a security threat because she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She has never been a victim. Harry is the victim. Will and Kate are they victims, the Queen, and the rest of the royal family are the victims. Meghan is Normal Bates on steroids, a malignant, toxic, psychopathic narcissist, and I'm telling you she is not going to stop until she has totally destroyed Harry because it is not enough to make him give up his family, his heritage, and his country so she can strut around like a chicken with its head cut off. A psychopathic, malignant, toxic narcissist's goal is to totally destroy their victim, and she will not stop until she has done just that. This girl's history is enough in itself to disqualify her from any public anything. I have seen it, I recognize it, Meghan is a dangerous person. So give her an award for being a malignant, toxic, psychotic narcissist instead of a Ripple of Hope award. She is a very sick individual anybody who can destroy someone and their family without blinking an eye, who cares for no one but herself.

  7. I don't think Britain needs to worry about the world thinking bad about the Monarchy.
    The more Meghan and Harry talk, the more the rest of the world supports Britain and the Monarchy.

  8. The royals brought this on themselves when they consented to this unsuitable marriage. Even Margaret got terms to marry someone unsuitable and passed on it. King Edward 8 got terms and lived in exile.

  9. I don’t believe there is a feeling of anti-British in the USA; however, there is a general Leftist liberal mentality of anti-white, anti-establishment in other words Woke. And, the monarchy is a prime target. M&H and their propaganda are feeding into this.


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