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Watch PMQs live: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as Health Secretary Steve Barclay MP confirms that ambulances will be dispatched to “life-threatening” Category 1 calls during the two days of industrial action this month but may not attend if an elderly person has a fall.

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21 Commenti

  1. should be a general strike to bring this government down, they should pay the workers in the NHS proper wage, the laws Sunak is trying get through wont work they have got to negotiate properly never did Maggie any good, he should look at history.

  2. dishing out money left, right and centre this tory government. you'd think they were socialists not conservatives. none of their actions go anywhere near tackling the problem; rampant greed, corporate capitalism and wealth inequality.

  3. the WEF 6UILD 6ACK 6ETTER pogrom intends to crash all systems in order to implement the global panopticon of digital ID’s, CBDC’s & UBI. Unquestioning, souled out corporate M$M enablers continue to facilitate the associated menticide & democide.

  4. When watching pmqs between Sunak and Starmer these 2 leaders have 2 different characters to take note of. 1. Sunak is a pragmatic person, because he is practical,matter-of-fact, realistic,sensible,down-to-earth,businesslike,reasonable that's why when Starmer asks questions at pmqs Sunak has never replied saying my government is doing something but every time Sunak will reply saying my government has done it already, this is the character of a pragmatic person. Being Pragmatic like Sunak is important in leadeship. 2. Starmer is an idealistic person because at pmqs Starmer is a person who represents things as they might or should be rather than as they are. Starmer's character can not be trusted when it comes to country leadership. Starmer's character description is a number of different ways of dreaming or thinking about, describing or attempting to create a better society, but not putting to practice. This is important to take note of on pmqs.

  5. The smugness of these creeps is nauseating.
    They are not discussing anything of substance as nothing important is now being discussed in parliament . It is a sham with MPs of all persuasions agreeing that the sham must continue and their overlords, the donor class, who bankroll this shitshow with the legacy press as cheerleader, exercising power behind the scenes.


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