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Meghan and Harry 'most extreme example' of royals being confused with celebrity

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the “most extreme example” of royals being confused with celebrity, according to Spiked Online Editor Tom Slater.

“There’s a difference between monarchy and celebrity,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.



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  1. Well if Charles would strip them of their titles they won't be either lol That title is all they have got and as far as being a celebrity , biggest joke of the year imho .

  2. People should cancel their Netflix subscription because Netflix showed The Harkles ‘ trailer on time during the time of Earthshot for MONEY!!! That’s all important to both Harkles & Netflix , they don’t care what is good for the people and the earth as long as they make money… money… money!!!!that ‘S all they care. Wake up people about these money hunger people.
    Remember MONEY IS ROOTS OF ALL EVIL!!! They don’t care for anything as long as they make money!!!!

  3. Stakes? What STAKES? They ran out of England and straight into the united states. NO ONE from the Royal Family is calling them, hounding them, begging for Money, Begging for invitations. They didn't want their privacy invaded and yet that are like two BUMS, BEGGERS. invading the privacy of HIS foreign family.! Even HER MOTHER is begging for money. Negotiating? Negotiating WHAT? THEY CAN pawn the stuff they've stolen!

  4. Ask yourself, 'What is wrong with a woman who phantasises about the children that she cannot have, to the point that she buys and wears a pregnancy prosthesis?

    A long Maternity Leave. A Baby Shower, possibly criminal.

    Next, after a suitable period, she acquires a life like doll to perpetuate the deception.

    This is so abnormal as to be bordering on the psychotic?

    And a husband to support her delusion!

    Some form of professional care is surely indicated.

    Where did a Marriage Ceremony with an absentee Archbishop come from?

  5. No they are not doing great damage to the British people and RF. As an American I see them for what they are – spoilt brats, liars, aggrandizing their ridiculous "cause". The Harkles have no morals, scruples, or sense of family or loyalty. Everyone Markle interacts with is ultimately markled.

  6. It’s that show u just don’t want to watch bc u don’t want them to get the credits and ratings once you hit “ play now” bc u can’t stand them at all !!!
    But … at the same time u just can’t resist that need to just give in to watch all the embarrassment stupidity n lies u know is gonna just slap you in the face … and then …. here comes that instant regret that follows after watching it all knowing you just did add to that rating even tho knowing u can’t stand them at all !!!

  7. The majority of people from the States would really like for these two to SHUT UP and stop whining for cash. You should never bite the hand that feeds because soon you will be hungry.

  8. Meg quickly learned that she would always be second or third in the spotlight at UK. But she wants to be very first . The first on the red carpet, the first and main person on whom all the world's cameras will be focused… So she has to go back to the US, where she saw a chance to finally be a star of the first magnitude. This is what she wanted all her life…

    Remove all their titles!!! Those two are a disgrace to human society. Two big zeroes. Unfortunately, evil, lying and hateful zeros. They should be absolutely ignored by the public, especially the media. No royal titles more , ignore them, ignore Netflix, ignore their books!!!!!

  9. I woke up at an ungodly hour to watch this wedding. East coast time. I made tea and scones, there in my Jammies and fuzzy socks. I cried I was so happy. I loved that an ethnic woman was marrying into the RF and i loved Megan. Now I just feel like a fool. I should have stayed in bed. Lol

  10. Harry and Meghan don’t have the power to “destroy the royal family”. That’s tosh! What percentage of people are even watching their stupid Netflix show? They’re just a couple of whining pipsqueaks, of no account at all.

  11. Follow the money…To whose benefit would it be to destroy the monarchy….Global reset….For whom is MM really working…..destruction of families, racism…etc…Attack the weakest link..Harry…


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