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Piers Morgan eats steak in front of vegan activist

Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan started eating a steak in front of a “pasty” face vegan activist to prove they cannot stop people from eating meat.

“All you’ve achieved is you’ve made me want to do this,” Mr Morgan said.

“The very last thing on Earth that will stop me eating steak is people like you.”



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  1. To have a balanced plant based diet it requires alot of planning. Not everyone can tolerate beans, hence to eat enough protien we have to eat tofu, peanut butter ect.. But these also high in fats. (Healthy fats)

    You can be healthy on a meatless diet but it requires planning.. Am speaking on diet not overall lifestyle

    Dont come at me abt veganism..

  2. When I lived in Africa I saw someone cut off the head of a chicken so they can cook it and I wanted to cry. I was so distraught. I don’t think I would ever have it in me to do that. I’m surprised that I’m not a vegan

  3. Leftist idiocy in a nutshell! Limbaugh had it so right, leftists by and large are insane! Conservatives are seen as backwards and repressed with our morality, but it's those standards that prevent the chaos of the left from spreading! To HELL with leftism!

  4. I still despise Piers Morgan.
    I'm o vegan, do ear meat, but he's far from having an healthy diets.
    I do understand that he was making a point, but his manners are disgusting. As in many other issues.

  5. Piers is a pick me wannabe counter culturist. Don't forget he actively approved unvaccinated people being barred from all walks of life for not getting that poison. What happened to freedom of choice there. Disgusting.

  6. This is what happens when you decide to discipline your children using timeouts instead of a size 34 belt. Sarcastic little turds who are they way they are because they’ve never gotten their ass beat. My opinion. Change my mind.

  7. Jesus what have humans come to. We are mammals, evolved apes and like any other mammal and animal we started off as nothing on earth and we also eat meat. They gotta learn that were the same as any other creature on earth except were have a very good iq and hands

  8. Most plant based people are rational and don’t go around interrupting other people. That said Humans are wasting valuable resources raising farm animals. It takes 1,847 gallons of water per one pound of beef. Typical beef cattle weigh around 1,800 lbs… Keep in mind beef is not the only meat being raised on a farm for Human consumption. Fresh water is being wasted. Think about the plants that are grown to feed a herd of cattle, those same plants can be redirected to people who need the food around the world. Most older people think nothing needs to change because what they have done all their lives is the only way to live life. People need to understand the Earth can not support 8 billion of us with out compromises.


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