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HomeVideoAmbulance strikes: 'Life-threatening conditions' will be dealt with - Health Secretary

Ambulance strikes: 'Life-threatening conditions' will be dealt with – Health Secretary

The Health Secretary has told Sky News that despite looming strikes by ambulance strikes, “life-threatening conditions” will be dealt with.

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42 Commenti

  1. Ambulance staff, nurses etc, are getting a bigger pay rise than most staffs working in private companies. I’m not getting any pay rise this year, neither are the other 14,000 staff in my company. Which is in effect a pay cut. If I’m not happy with my T&Cs I get a different job. I don’t hold the whole country to ransom and make other people suffer.

  2. If my Mum were to die as a result of these strikes, blame lies entirely with those holding the purse strings tight, and that's who I'd be going after. Pay NHS workers properly. Make the job attractive again. Staffing issues will resolve if people can thrive and not just barely subsist while losing their minds in those jobs.

  3. Ambulance field has been taken back vua HMS in full around the globe connected to all hospitals as they are to under HMS. To prevent any strike action
    Effective immediately and back dated 12 months ago.
    AFFA angels never die nffn HMS council

  4. I say good luck to them. These people were the ones that helped when the covid outbreak they stood bi the people and saved their lives they deserve a pay rise. They put their lives own lives at risk avery day .

  5. Unbelievable Angels are striking because Naive British believe that Ukraine can win! The British men and women who have given their lives to fight Nazism must turn in their graves, because it’s this government who is responsible for conditions with Europe is facing! Where is the peace? Well done to India!

  6. Where's my partial refund of my taxes paying for this shambolic, money wasting excuse of a health service. Why can poorer countries like Spain provide a good health service run by each autonomous community but the UK can't?

  7. So ambulance drivers will be acting as God as to who gets treatment and who doesn't. As for nurses, they do a good job. However this 'needing food banks' crap is propaganda. Their average pay is £38kp.a. it's above the national average, far above what many of us manage on. If they need food banks so do more than half the population.

  8. My solution…
    Everyone in the ambulance service gets 4% pay rise per annum for next 5 years regardless of inflation (help to repair the damage of the last decade);
    ECAs immediately to Band 4:
    Reintroduce Technicians at Band 5;
    Paramedics at Band 6;
    Paramedics with extra skills to Band 7;
    Paramedics get an annual development and training budget;
    All staff get paid time to attend college and up-skill;
    Everyone enters as an ECA for two years, then two years as a Tech, then onto the Paramedic degree course (free to student) at Band 6 as can already work independently as a Tech.
    Presumption is that everyone will complete the whole process unless the individual decides to delay their progress.
    This would put more money in the hands of the lowest paid; reduce the loss of newly qualified paramedics; and encourage experienced staff to stay. The guaranteed degree progression would aid recruitment. Universities could plan capacity 2-4 years in advance.
    This would probably cost less than an in-line with inflation pay rise but crucially help with morale, recruitment and retention.

  9. If they have to bring in the military to cover for those ambulance crews striking, why not use or employ the military or trained specialist drivers during the busy periods which would enable to free up crews who have to stay with the patient at the hospital until they are handed over to the doctor/nurses? Free up staff so more seriously ill patients are not waiting hours to be seen?

  10. i am so angry i could scream. i have a heart condition and i am terrified that i will need medical attention during these strikes, but not be able to get it. this country has turned into a backwater and it's shameful. workers these days are deluded. they want to live like the kardashians. no morals. nothing. just me, me, me. disgusting. i have worked so many minimum wage jobs and i've never complained or gone on strike


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