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Press Preview: Sunday's newspapers

We take a look at what’s making the headlines in Sunday’s newspapers.

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44 Commenti

  1. It's not enormous the pay rise. It's justice. Socialism 4 the rich, boot straps 4 everyone else. People will die if the workers are 2 burdened or leave. The naysayers don't mention that. The government doesn't care.

  2. A kiwi's view- The Second Elizabethan era has ended. The Royal Family, aristocracy, the House of Lords need to be scrutinised, modernised or abolished. Too much looking backwards and relying on tradition has led to Britain's current state.

  3. Get working class and poor people suffering the worst of capitalism the press preview , they should be given way more opportunities to speak about their views on the media , political, social , environmental and societal issues . Instead of over representation of upper middle class journalists from one class demographic alone

  4. Sky BBC itv media news Tories brexshitters royals bankers WTO GMO WEF NWO agenda coorperations governments
    SAME FEW HUNDRED PEOPLE OWN EVERYTHING All banks coorperations poverty wealth

  5. There is nothing like the "indignant" British press…"clutching their pearls" as we say here in the States, making villains out of Harry and Meghan. Considering your new King is a confessed adulterer and his so called "Queen" a confessed adulteress, I don't think the royal family, with their billions of pounds of money and property, living in palaces and castles, are the "victims" here. Its laughable. Charles was always a bully and he is being that with his own family. The idea that the royals aren't "racist" is so ludricrous that its beyond belief. Phillip is on film a million times saying racist things. Kate and William were just here this week in Boston(where I live) and believe me, they made as much a stir as a mosquito in a hurricane. No one cared a whit about those two. The late Queen had charisma and a long reign and lived mostly in an era where the royals were sacrosanct…the current royals have the charisma of dishwater and outside of Britain, no one is interested. Considering Andrew is disgraced through his own arrogance and privilege, Anne is another adulteress, Fergie a corrupt money grubber, I hardly think Harry is the bad guy in the family. England needs to get rid of the lot of them.

  6. Harry and megan go on and on not for their personal benefit but because most people are voiceless and not believed. Ngozi would not have been given any air with her experience if megan had not first been discriminated against. They are edifying the royal family for the future, not for clueless white mouthpieces for the elite. Harry and megan are not financially benefiting either, so great reportage on top of their gossipy personal opinions

  7. This guy tries to excuse our economic problems on outside factors. The real reason is the economic incompetence of conservative policies over the last twelve years. Low growth compared to the previous Labour government caused by a total lack of investment in the skills of the people. All caused by their hideous trickle down economics.

  8. They are very greedy, 3 percent, if they are reasonable people, they would understand and then hope for the better…they been killings in their hospitals, so them…striking is not new, its all coming out in the open now

  9. Hmm, because the health service has been underfunded since forever and the pandemic caused staffing issues, cost money and an enormous workload nurses have to accept a pay rise which is insufficient to bail the health service out. Great logic.

  10. Good grief they’ve been in power 12 years and they’ve mismanaged by bunging loads of money to their mates so why shouldn’t nurses get a fraction of what Mone stole from taxpayers, nurses actually work hard.

  11. Distraction tactics again. Pretty sure this is a slow plan to privatise the NHS like they've done with prisons. The NHS will look soo bad, that any alternative will seem like a blessing. Give it a while and people will be begging for a private health care system because they've intentionally messed this one up ssooo much.

  12. Looking at the rolling news headlines and the government measures to head off the forthcoming strikes, I noticed the words "ambulance drivers" there's no such thing. They are paramedics, front line emergency staff not some volunteers with a transit van and a first aid box.

  13. I I was not sure about Christina when I first heard her a few years ago as a commentator on the newspaper stories programmes, but she has shown to be a very thoughtful, intelligent and sensible person, unlike the commentators who try to defend the indefensible ridiculous stories that appear in newspapers that have dodgy agendas. Keep up the the good work Christina—I am a committed fan !

  14. Tories mine set is they quite happy to see bosses of the NHS, Post Office, Railways etc on massive wages which are not justified and they don't earn. They are asset strippers and the least they give to the workers the more money their cronies will profit by, just a thought.


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