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New SNP Westminster leader clashes with Sunak

Stephen Flynn, the new SNP leader of Westminster has made his debut at Prime Minister’s Questions.

It comes after Ian Blackford announced he would be standing down from the role.

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39 Commenti

  1. SUNAK MUST LEAVE NUMBER 10 BY 5 PM Friday by primary legislation.

    Not another failed prime minister from this corrupt broken government. The country will need to be put into a state of emergency before Christmas to overt the health disaster caused by this PM,its just beyond belief this has happened. This is the PM who has told the country and parliament he will fix the broken country caused by the failed Osbourne may and Boris Johnson.

    The voters have understood that all he has done to date is

    Not work for three months and claim a salary and accommodation,we want out money back.
    Spent 22 million pounds of our money on two luxury holidays at the taxpayers expense to Eygpt and Barley, which the taxpayer told he he could not attend due to the national emergency.
    Make promises at the COP conference which the taxpayer told him that the British people would not honor..pointless

    He has announced a package of measures for the blind and disabled ion September which have never been paid with not intention of paying misleading parliament in breach of the ministerial code and discriminating in law against the 1.8 million severely disabled blind which is a criminal offense in public office for which he must resign in law.

    The most vulnerable blind adults in this country have not received any income since the 2 nd June 2022 ( 6 months) due to the collapse of the post office payment system on the 1st June 2022.

    Since that date there was no alternative cash payment system in place to be able to pay the 1.8 million court protected vulnerable people and it would appear the 600000 top up energy payments to prepay meter owners.

    The DWP have been desperately trying to put another system in place to start payments of legally entitled income but have failed completely leaving the most vulnerable without any income for possibly never. Micheal Gove MP has not received any indication from the DWP if any such payments will ever been made which is in breach of court orders and primary legislation. It would appear that political decisions made by Thyersee Coffee MP has caused this national emergency,Warnings by the Joseph Round tree foundation, back bench MPs charities for the disabled,court warnings, and NHS have been ignored ending in this national crisis.

    The NHS have pointed out that the NHS could collapse as a result of this incompetence as a wave of disabled blind people will be admitted to hospitals across the country for severe illness including hypothermia, starvation, pneumonia and other serious conditions.

    The already stressed NHS will have to shut down as a result, meaning emergency cases will no long be able to access emergency facilities in hospitals. A state of emergency will soon exist.

    The failed sunak minister misleading parliament
    A payment system which was not fit for purpose in law which will need to be scrapped this week at a cost of millions of pounds.The outsourcing of public functions to the point that civil servants are no longer able to control the delivery of basic services through democratic accountability is just astounding in 2022!

    Genocide of the most vulnerable blind who have no food, heat, lighting and sunaks collapse of social care provision.

    This has moved from failing Britain to, lying, corrupt Britain, and Genocide of the blind severely disabled.

    This is a national emergency Britain,
    Removing 6 million illegal migrants liberating 800000 homes for UK citizens Britain.
    Remove of incompetent MPs like sunak and coffee, and wheeling in King Charles to write a new constitutional political settlement for a five party state Britain.
    The imprisonment of all MPs for Genocide of the blind severely disabled Britain.
    This is a Britain which has started social and cultural reform where violence will be involved according to Enoc Powell,

    No further warnings will be giving we have reached that point of severe change…….

  2. Support for Scottish independence is always highest when they are not actually voting for it, at that point support for Scottish solvency tends to kick in. Personally, I would rather they get independence now. I am fed up with paying extra for them and still having to listen to the constant whining! Apologies to all those decent scots that don't actually hate English people!

  3. Breaking up the UK would be utter foolishness. Scotland would be an insignificant country, in addition, it would probably not survive economically without England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and joining the EU would be practically impossible. And how does the SNP imagine the declaration of independence, what will they do with the 40% who want to be in the UK, what about the army, the fleet? In my opinion, it would end similarly to the collapse of the USSR. Wars, political conflict, etc

  4. New SNP leader, same crap!
    What’s the obsession with Sunak’s wealth? Has the green eyed monster got into their heads? Right enough there’s lots of space in an empty head!
    Are we now into round 2 of anti English rhetoric? What’s changed with the nasty Nats?

  5. I haven't seen Democracy in such a mess for a very long time in the UK.

    The DUP lost an Election and decided no more Democracy for anyone.

    The Scottish People pulled out of the EU, and the English Computer says No to a Referendum.

    We await Legislation to break International Agreements in the House of Lords in England.

    What has happened since Brexit to Democracy??

  6. The new SNP leader has clearly not done his homework. Rishi Sunak responded to the first question with the lie of linking Brexit to the "fastest vaccine rollout". June Raine, CEO of the UK Regulatory Agency for Medicines and Healthcare, has said that the claim is invalid. As the new opposition party leader, he was ideally placed to ask Mr Speaker to call out the lie.

  7. Another person supposedly representing the people of Scotland. And like Blackfoot not one positive comment. As for the poll, probably done in a Glasgow boozer. When will they recognise they are biting off the hand thats helping them.

  8. what part of scotland do not understand that independence means we do things the scottish way but we all know that the snp want back in with the eu so if we do join with the eu we wont be independent we will all be controlled by the eu and not independent scotland.

  9. Another one of the deluded Krankie woman's village idiots.
    An Embarrassment to Scotland.
    A good look alike for 'pinhead'(actor Doug Bradley) in the Hellraiser movies bringing some horror vibes to the chamber

  10. The poll was taken at the SNP Halloween party and they were allowed to vote ten times is baldy trying to extract the urine the poll was took from 594 people that's as much good as a chocolate fire guard

  11. This new so called leader is an ignorant idiot, who obviously has not got any idea as how to speak to people. If this is the best that the SNP can put forward , they will be doomed. He will cause nothing but trouble for Nicola.

  12. I don't get it! It's not that there is anything major that is wrong with the new guy it's just long term he won't be strong to take on big dogs like Boris, and he will return and when he does and is meet with this guy? It's not gonna rattle him, are the SNP trying to finish themselves off or what! I would say he should last as long Rishi and that is that, after then Blackford will have to return.

  13. If there is no such thing as a illegal immigrants then why not just crack open the doors ,there is and people profit from it .build more schools more collages and universities build new hospitals Oh wait the snpee mucked that one up also ,so build more schools so we don't have over populated education system and build another 3 million houses but No its just snpee twaddle again


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